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my client is handicapped and needs wheelchair assistance how can she get between the 2 terminals the easiest way?
The wheelchair assistance person will take her on the AirTrain.
Need to collect luggage, change terminals and recheck bag...can this be done in 2.5 hours??? Trying to catch the last flight home.
Is your flight into T7 International? If so it will be very hard. What airline are you flying into T7?
it was international, and i did make it, though there was running involved. customs was much quicker entering the us than i remember, thanks to the faster us/cdn/nexus line.
Our Finnair flight arrives at 3:50 pm and the American Airlines connection flight to Orlando departures at 6 pm, both to/from terminal 8. We'll be having checked bags with us and the flights are on the same reservation. Will there be enough time? We have been to JFK several times but this is the first time with such a short time between the flights. Is there a separate security check or do we have to stand in the same line as everyone else departing from terminal 8? I'm really nervous about the two hours layover but it's either that or 12 hours in Chicago.
That should be enough time. I believe you stand in the regular security line in Terminal 8.
I arrive in on Aer Lingus at 6:45PM from Dublin and leave from Delta at 8:40PM. Will I make it?
Is it two separate reservations? Do you have checked bags?
There is only one person flying and there is 1 checked bag. The Aer Lingua and Delta were booked separately. Prescreening will be done in Dublin.
Then the bag will have to be transferred by yourself between terminals. You have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm not sure how rechecking a bag on a different airline works at JFK. I will be arriving on AA from Madrid at 12:55pm, and trying to make a connection on Delta to Pittsburgh at 3:20pm. Will it be possible to get through customs and check the bag with Delta, or is there not enough time to check in for the second flight and get back through security?
It will be hard but it's not impossible. You will have to take your bag with you to Terminal 4 on the AirTrain to re-check it with Delta.

I'm flying from CLT to JFK via American Airlines and is said to arrive at 10:15pm at terminal 8. Then I'll have to catch a China Airlines flight at 1:35am at terminal 4, will I have enough time to pick up my checked luggage, head to terminal 4, re-check baggage, go through security check, and eventually catching my 1:35am flight? Is JFK busy at that time of the day?

Thank you so much for your help.
Yes, that should be enough time. No, JFK is not busy late in the evening.
Will two hours be enough time to get between a domestic Delta flight from Terminal 2 (9am arrival) to an international JetBlue flight from Terminal 5 (11am departure)? And would a checked bag make a big difference (we'd like one but can eliminate if necessary)? Also, the flights will be on separate tickets.

Thank you!
With no checked bags you have a chance. In my opinion it's far too risky with checked bags.
Thanks. You da mvp
My flight times have changed and it will now leave only 1 hour between flights. I am flying into JFK from Philadelphia on Delta and connecting on a Delta flight to Rome. How far are the gates and is this enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time. Both flights are in Terminal 4.
Hello, I have a flight booked from LHR-JFK on AA, How much time should I allow to get to my next connecting domestic flight which is also on AA? Thank you!
At least 2 hours.
Thank you!
I will be landing in terminal 4 at 3pm today and have an intl flight at 420 in terminal 1. can i make it? how do i get from t4 to t1