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Im arriving at JFK at terminal 4 at 13 30 and have connecting flight from terminal 8 at 16 30.Will i have enough time for my connecting flight.Do i need to rechecked my luggage
Where are you flying into JFK from? On what airline? What airline are you flying out on? Are both tickets on the same reservation?
im flying from BELGRADE AIR SERBIA and my connecting flight is with AA to PHOENIX,AZ everything is on one reservation.
Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, take the AirTrain to Terminal 8, go through security and to your departure gate. You should have enough time.
thank you
We are flying from Grand Cayman to Manchester - 1st flight Cayman Airways 2nd flight Thomas Cook all booked through Thomas Cook. Will we have to collect our luggage and re-check them in or will they be checked all the way through to Manchester?
Sorry my first flight is with JetBlue not Cayman Airways
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, change terminals on the AirTrain, re-check it with Thomas Cook, and go through security.
I'm flying out of Rome to JFK. I have a three hour lay over with a connecting flight to Seattle. Will I have to go through security again or just customs ? Also if I did want to leave the building to smoke would I be able to
Do so and do you believe I'd have enough time ?
Once you clear US Customs you will be outside security. So you could go outside and have a smoke then. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We are arriving to JFK from Indonesia with SIA at 11 am and catching another flight from JFK to Tampa at 3:00 pm. Not the same itinerary. Is this enough time to pass custom, get checked bags and checking with the next flight at 3:00. Thanks
Yes, that should be enough time if the Singapore flight is on-time.
Might 75 min. transit time be enough for immigration, customs e.g.
It is a one ticket flight with Singapore Airlines from Frankfurt via JFK to Los Angeles.
No, that is not enough time.
We are arriving on Delta at 2:00 pm with a checked bag. We are connecting with Aer Lingus to Ireland at 5:30 pm on separate tickets.Is this enough time for the connection?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Im flying in few weeks from Frankfurt (FRA) with Delta to Santo Domingo (SDQ). Connection flight is in JFK (both flight to/from Terminal 4). Are the 1,5 hours realistic? One month ago i was in Atlanta and had 2 Hours for flight (SDQ-ATL-AMS) in last minute... I was waiting 1 hour for speaking with immigrant officer, then security check. Any tips to expedite? :)
I forgot to say i have one checked baggage. It is the same airline (delta) and same Terminal (4). Do i need to claim my baggage and check it again or it will be automatically forwarded to my flight to Santo Domingo (SDQ)?
1.5 hours at JFK is just as risky as your 2 hour connection in Atlanta. However, if you are an EU citizen, now that you are a repeat ESTA user, you can use the faster immigration lanes when entering the US.
Also, yes, you will have to claim and re-check your baggage in JFK.
Hey ZAP,
Thanks for quick answer.
1. I'am EU citizen but not ESTA (Poland), I need visa. You mean the usage of the machines with picture, finger print and so on? I did it already last october in JFK.

2. What happend if my flight from Frankfurt is delayed and i phisically didn't have chance to catch my connection flight? Will Delta check me on the the 4 hours later flight to santo domingo for free?
I only one time in my life missed my connection Flight: JFK-<American Airlines>London Heathrow<should Be British Airways>Munich. British Airways lady checked me on... Lufthansa in Heathrow :)

3. How does it look the baggage re-check? I have to first talk with immigrant officer, then pickup my main luggage, customs and then what? Where I can drop it off?
Then since you need a visa, not ESTA, you won't be able to use the kiosks. Yes, if your miss your connection you will be rebooked on the later flight to Santo Domingo. The re-check desk is right after you clear Customs.
I am flying Delta SFO to JFK then have a 4 hour layover before my Delta flight to LHR. Both arrival and departure are terminal 4. Am I able to leave the terminal while I wait for my connection?
Yes, you are allowed to leave the terminal. However, there's not really much of anywhere to go in that amount of time.
Thank you for your reply. I need to leave as my parents are bringing me a suitcase with summer clothes to take to London. Will I be able to check another bag in for my connecting flight?
That might actually be difficult since JFK is not your origin, unless the JFK-LHR flight is on a separate reservation. Maybe your parents should wait until you find out if you can check the bag, that way if you can't they can take the clothes back home and ship them to the UK.
I'll be arriving into terminal 4 from Dublin with Delta and then from terminal 2 to Orlando with delta. Does it take long to move between terminals. I assume luggage won't be collected till Orlando ??
Yes, as you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Dublin you won't have to do anything with your bags in JFK. Just take the shuttle bus to T2 and go to your departure gate. it should take less than 20-25 minutes.
Ok thank you. Are shuttle buses near the arrival gates to go to the other terminals
The only shuttle bus inside security is the one between T2 and T4. There are plenty of signs. Delta calls it the JFK Jitney.
We are arriving at JFK from Rome at 6:20 p.m and departing from JFK to RDU at 8:29. Will this be enough time and do we need to recheck our bags?
If both flights are on the same reservation that should be just enough time.