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Hi - I am arriving at Terminal 4 from Delhi via AirIndia. I need to transfer to JetBlue to go to Boston. Is there a JetBlue bag drop after clearing customs at Terminal 4. I hope I don't need to carry bags to JetBlue terminal 5. JetBlue flight is on the same ticket.
If it is on the same reservation then your bags will be tagged to BOS and you can re-check your bags after clearing customs in T4.
Thanks so much for your help !
Next week I am flying from Pittsburgh on Delta to Kennedy and have 45 minutes to change planes to another Delta flight to London. Its operated by Virgin Atlantic. Other then flight delay is it the same terminal?
Yes, both flights should be in Terminal 4. This is a very tight connection but is possible if the flight from Pittsburgh is on-time.
We are arriving at gate c66 at terminal 2 via DL0446 at 5:48 PM and next flight to Paris is at 7:05 PM through terminal 1 via DL 1015. Do we need to go through security again ?
Yes, you will have to go through security in Terminal 1. This is a bit of a difficult connection.
I have 40 minute connection time between my arrival flight from DFW to departing international flight to Barcelona. They are both American Airlines and I think Terminal 8, but in different concourses. Advice on quickest way to change gates. Can I pre-arrange a cart to meet us at arrival gate & transfer us to departure gate?
T8 doesn't really have multiple concourses. It's not that large. As long as you are not disabled you don't need a cart. You have enough time if the flight from DFW is on-time.
Hello, My sister is going to travel from Grand Cayman and reaches JFK Terminal 5 at 7.12pm. She has a separate ticket with Etihad Airways from Terminal 4 at 10.00pm. Will that be enough connection time considering she has to reclaim bags and re checkin? Thanks in advance
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hello, I have a flight connection arriving from Chicago and going to Madrid, Spain. First flight is an American Airlines flight and second one is Iberia. Can I stay in boarding zone without going through security controls again?

Thank you
You have to go on the AirTrain from Terminal 8 to Terminal 7 and go through security.
Hello, I arrive from Spain with Iberia Airlines at 15:15h in T7 , and I go to Washington with American Airlines at 17:22h in T8.
With no checked bags. I have to use the Airtrain ? Is there enough time ?
Yes, you have to use the AirTrain. You will already be outside security when you clear US Customs. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hello. I have two flights scheduled with delta on separate tickets. One from CVG to JFK that arrives at 5:21 PM at terminal 2. The second flight leaves for LHR out of terminal 4 at 8PM. Is there enough time? And will Delta check bags through on separate tickets? Thanks.
If you show your London confirmation to the agent in CVG they should check your bags through to London. The Flight from CVG will probably arrive in Terminal 4. You should have plenty of time.
Hi , I am arriving to JFK terminal 4 with VA at 8:15 pm and departure to Buffalo with Jet blue airline at 10;55. What i should do regarding on luggage and also is enough time to do all connection in terminal? please ..thank you ..
You will have to claim your bags with the first airline, take them on the AirTrain to Terminal 5 and re-check them with JetBlue. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am an Australian citizen coming from Hong Kong(Via Cathay pacific) which lands at 7:00am, then I have a connecting flight to Boston(Via jetBlue) at 9:52am, will I have enough time to go through immigration, customs and recheck my luggage again?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.