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I am arriving into JFK T4 at 1140 with Virgin Atlantic from LHR and will be departing with Delta onto MCO at 1340. I was sold this flights by virgin as one ticket but personally I don't believe it is long enough as I have to clear customs and collect my luggage along with my partner before making the journey to T2 to check in for the Delta flight. Is there anywhere in T4 to check in for delta flights (a connection desk in arrivals as such) or will I have to hot foot it to T2. I have raised the question to Virgin to see if they can move me onto the later MCO flight which Deps around 1530 but they declined to help - I thought it would benifet both parties in the event i had to be rebooked at the airport. Any help/suggestions would be great. I already know of a shuttle in T4 deps to T2 but i have checked in luggage which i wouldnt get through security at T4.
Yes, you should be able to re-check your bags at the re-check desk in T4 after clearing customs. There is also a regular Delta check-in counter in T4. You can go through security in T4.
If I arrive at JFK from Atlanta at 12:45pm, have to collect and recheck bags and catch an international flight to Germany at 14:05, should that be enough time?
1245 to 14:05 is only 1 hr 20 minutes, not 3 hrs 20 minutes. 1 hr 20 minutes is not enough time. 3 hr 20 minutes is.
Thank you. I meant 16:05, aka 4:05pm. Trying to get used to using 24hr time since I'm going to Europe, but I guess my dumb American is still showing.

I'm arriving to JFK on early October at 5:15am and have a connection flight to Cancun (T1) at 6:55am.
I'm not a US citizen.
Any chance I can make it? (In expertflyer it seems marginal - they say 2 hours for I-2-I connection) The TSA lines based on their data should be short at this time.

That would be pretty much impossible with checked bags. Without checked bags you might have a chance.
Do I have enough time to make it through Customs and Immigration arriving on Flight Delta 213 from Athens at 4:32PM and departing 6:30 PM on Delta 4017 for Detroit with checked luggage?
it's difficult but not impossible. Both flights will be in Terminal 4 so that will save some time.
We flew to jfk from Heathrow with Virgin and were due to get a connecting flight to Orlando, however we were only given less than 2 hours to do so, with going through customs etc, collecting our bags we didn't even make it to check in for our connecting flight as check in closed an hour before take off time, my question is did we ever have a chance of catching that connecting flight with only 1 hour and 55 minutes to do so?
If it was two separate reservations no, you had no chance. If on the same reservation you should not have had to check in separately for your second flight.
Thank you for your response! It was Infact 1 reservation through virgin but we flew a virgin flight to jfk then we were flying delta from jfk to Orlando, we were only given boarding pass's at Heathrow to go to jfk hence the need to check in again at jfk..
Hi TL. We're doing the same next month and was wondering what the outcome was? How did Virgin/Delta deal with the missed flight?
Hi RAP, our flight unfortunately happened 3 days after Delta had their computer failure so we were told no connecting flight for 48 hours, only after making a huge fuss did they manage to find 5 seats the following morning and had to put us up at the Radisson at the airport!! If your flight times are exactly the same between them I would strongly suggest you trying to get a connecting flight giving you more time to get through immigration, both virgin and delta are very casual and flippant about getting you on another flight but that doesn't give you back lost holiday! Good luck with your flight and have a wonderful holiday
Thanks for the update. You'd think the booking system would factor in transfers! Sounds like you had a bit of a nightmare but hopefully you went on to enjoy Disney? Did you have any issues with collecting hire car later than the booking?
We didn't have car hire we had transfers...if you've hired a car it shouldn't be an issue picking it up later as you've paid for it, really hope it all goes smoothly for you, I'm sure we were just really unlucky!
I'm flying into JFK from Greece on Delta Flight 213 on 10/18/16 arrive at 4:32 p.m. and have to catch Jet Blue flight 71 leaving at 7:51 p.m. Do I have enough time to pick up baggage & catch flight? Do I have to go through security again?
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, take your bags with you on the AirTrain to Terminal 5, check your bags with JetBlue, and go through security. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you that helps a lot!
Hello, I am not a US citizen and I do require US visa. However, can I catch connecting flight in JFK to Cancun without going through immigration or US customs?
No, you have to go through US Immigration whenever you arrive in the US, even if you are transiting to another country. This is the case at every airport in the US.
Hi, I am arriving EL AL at 5:50 am.... terminal 4 ..no check baggage.. US citizen. needing to catch a Delta flight scheduled terminal 2 at 8:05am. First, if this is adequate time.. and second, if we must leave the secured area to get to terminal 4. (Is there a way to get to the Delta shuttle after customs?)
After you clear customs, You can either check in in Terminal 4 and then go through security and take the shuttle to Terminal 2, or take the AirTrain to Terminal 2 and go through security there. You should have just enough time.
Hello, I am booking a flight from London to Sau paulo, with one stop in JFK. The transit time is 2,45h, do you think it is enough time, to pass the border control and to take the flight on time? The company is American Airlines, I will arrive at 7.50pm to JFK and the connection flight to GRU will be at 10.35pm. Do you think I can book, it is better to have just the hand bag, or I don't need to check again an eventually luggage? right?
Yes, you would have to claim your bags carry them through US Customs, and then re-check them. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
On 09-11-16. I have a 6:30 pm departure and I'm going to a football game at the meadowlands. If I arrive a 5:00 is that enough time to check bags and make flight
Is it a domestic flight or an international flight? What airline are you flying?