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    Nov 4, 2015
    YUL to JFK / JFK to FCO Nov 4, 2015 0 my appologize, I made a mistake on my previous post do we have enough connection time Arriving from Montreal by WestJet at 6:26PM Departure to Rome by Delta at 7:30PM = 1:04 connection time Thanks!!


    Still plenty of time - you just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in JFK.


  • YUL to JFK / JFK to FCO
    Nov 4, 2015
    do we have enough connection time Arriving from Montréal by WestJet at 4.45PM Departure to Rome by Delta at 7:30PM 1:04 connection time Thanks!!


    Westjet does not fly from Montreal to JFK. Both flights will be on Delta/Delta connection. You will both arrive and depart from Terminal 4 and you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal. You should have plenty of time.


    Nov 4, 2015
    Hi! I'm flying from Arlanda (Stockholm) to Mexico City through New York JFK, and wondering if 4,20 h is enough time for connection. I read somewhere that international to international minimum connection time can be from 3 to 6 hours? Seems like a lot of time. My flight would be in JFK on Monday evening, and the connecting flight would leave a bit after midnight - can I assume JFK shouldn't be that busy on these hours? :) Thank you!


    That should be enough time, even if you are purchasing two separate tickets. Correct, late evening is not a busy time at JFK.


  • Transferring at JFK from terminal 1 to 5
    Nov 1, 2015
    Hi! I have 2 h 25 mins between arriving to terminal 1(international flight) and next domestic flight from terminal 5. Is it enough for transfering from terminal 1 to 5?


    That should be plenty of time if both tickets are on the same reservation and barely enough time if you have two separate reservations.


  • Transforming from T1 to T2
    Oct 31, 2015
    I'll arrive at T1 then I'll go to T2 I've 3 hours,do I need to check out and recheck in again?


    What airlines are you flying? Were your tickets purchased on the same reservation? Where are you flying from and where are you going?


    Oct 30, 2015
    Hi - I'm flying from Helsinki to San Diego through JFK on AA/Finnair with a 1:35 layover. I'm not sure if I will check luggage yet (want to if it isn't going to cause time problems) - if I do, will my bags be checked through to San Diego, or do I have to claim and recheck? Same question for the itinerary going back to Helsinki from San Diego. I'm also unsure at this point which terminals at JFK I'll be coming in/out of.


    If you check luggage, in JFK, you will have to claim it go to through US Customs, then re-check it at the re-check desk on your way to San Diego. you won't have to do anything with it in JFK on your way back to Helsinki. Both of your flights will be in Terminal 8.


    Great - thanks. Would the layover be too short to consider checking on the way to San Diego? Or possibly okay since in the same terminal?


    You could check a bag and make it, but if you don't have to I wouldn't.


  • connection between terminal 4 and 5
    Oct 29, 2015
    hi Im travelling from south africa to JFK and land in terminal 4 at 1745 and then have to catch a jet blue flight to denver from terminal 5 at 20:35. I will have to clear customs and collect baggage. Will i have enough time to make this connection? Thanks so much


    Yes, that should be plenty of time.


    Great thanks so much. How long approximately does it take to clear csutoms and collect luggage?


    Less than 45 minutes usually.


  • Transferring at JFK with kids
    Oct 27, 2015
    Hi, we are flying Shanghai - JFK - Montreal. Landing at JFK at T1 and take of from T4. We have lots of luggage, and a double stroller. Does the claiming and re-checking the luggage at the transfer desk a big issue ? will it take long to carry the luggage ? we will have sth like 4 big luggage plus trolleys, and I handle luggage by myself bcs my wife will push a double stroller. Thanks


    As long as your bags are tagged through to YYZ it is not a long trip from baggage claim to customs to the re-check desk. If your bags are not tagged through to YYZ you will have to take them with you on the AIrTrain to T4 to re-check.


  • 1hr55min between flights
    Oct 22, 2015
    I arrive at JFK on PAL(T1) from Vancouver, BC at 700am, have to get my luggage and check it at TAME(T1) to catch a 855am departure for Quito. Is that enough time?


    Considering you will have to go through US Immigration and Customs as well, it will be very difficult to get to the TAME check in desk before the baggage cutoff unless your PAL flight arrives significantly early.


  • minimum connecting time
    Oct 20, 2015
    Hi, we are flying from Madrid (MAD) to boston and we have 1h33min layover in JFK. Both flights are operated by DELTA (tickets bought with Air France). Will it be enough time? I have read we have to go through immigration, get the baggage, go through customs and drop the baggage again, is it right? Thank you


    Yes, that is right. You will also have to go through security. That should be barely enough time. If you miss your connection due to a delayed flight or a delay with immigration, Delta has 5:15 PM, 7 PM, and 9 PM flights to Boston from JFK.


    Oct 20, 2015
    I'm flying to JFK T4 from ORD and only have about an hour to catch my flight to CDG also leaving from T4. Will I have to pick up my bags or will they go straight to my final destination. (I bought my tickets together air france/delta)


    Your bags will go straight to Paris.


  • Terminal 4 connection
    Oct 19, 2015
    Hello! Our KLM flight arrives JFK terminal 4 at 07:35PM and our Delta flight to Boston departs 09:15PM, also from terminal 4. Can we make it with going through the US customs and re-checking the bags? Thanks!


    Yes, that should be enough time.


  • minimum conecting time
    Oct 20, 2015
    wonder if 2 hrs will be enough between arvl to terminal 4 and depart from terminal 5


    If on separate tickets and the first flight is International, it will be difficult. If the first flight is domestic or if both tickets are on the same reservation it should be enough time.


    Hi, I have a similar situation. I arrive with Delta from Las Vegas to JFK at terminal 4 at 21:18 on a SAT . My next flight to Stockholm leaves at 23:30 from terminal 1 (Norwegian). Is 2h 12 min enough time to make it via the airtrain? The tickets have been bought separately and I have one bag to checkin. Thanks!


  • Domestic to International Connection -- enough time?
    Jan 12, 2015
    Hi there. I am planning to book flights on USAirways and Cathay Pacific, from Boston to Hong Kong, connecting in JFK. There is a layover in JFK of 1 hour, 38 minutes, but I am being told there should be a minimum of 2 hour layover in JFK. I don't think I will need to get checked baggage, as I am exiting the US. Anything else I am missing? Or is 1:38 really long enough to make the connection, assuming planes run on time?


    I just learned that I would be arriving at JFK Terminal 8, and departing from Terminal 7. Any ideas?


  • Terminal 8 International to Domestic
    Oct 18, 2015
    Hi, we arrive on AA from UK at 01.35 pm (February 2015) & depart on AA for MCO at 02.59 pm - non US citizens. Seems tight to me, is it possible? I heard something about short connection cards for immigration - do these exist & how do we get one? Thanks


    That's really pushing what's possible. I am not aware of any such cards. Your connection is possible, but depends on your first flight being on-time or preferably early.


    Did you make it? we have 1hr 45mins into terminal 8 from uk and then to MCO


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