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I will be arriving at JFK at 11:50 p.m. but I wont be picked up until 10:00 a.m. is there a waiting area at the airport for me to stay.
The best area to stay would be the upper or lower level lobby of Terminal 4.
I am looking at flight from Europe getting into JFK around 1:30 and have a 1 h 50 min layover there. Is that enough time to go through customs?

You're going to have to be more specific on what airlines you're flying and where you're flying from and to.
Can I print my boarding pass anywhere at Jfk airport. I travel from terminal 7
It depends what airline you are flying. Most airlines allow you to check-in online.
Any help in being prepared to help make sure that I get to my gate on time during a 2 hour lay over?
I arrive via JetBlue (terminal 5) Sat Oct 21 @ 9:55 PM and depart on Turkish Airlines at (terminal 1) 11:55 PM.
Jetblue has told me they will transfer my bags, but I've been told I will need to go back through security, is this 2 hours enough time? I'm nervous and have never been through this airport or used these airlines before.
Any tips, information is appreciated.
I have an extensive delay at JFK today and would like my son to come have lunch with me from NYC; is there a way to get him a pass into the terminal? We would like to go to the Palm Restaurant?
I came with a flight from Philadelphia to Terminal 4. I have to go to Terminal 1 (Delta Flight to Paris). How do I do it? Do I have to use air train? what line ?. Do I have to do the transfer ticket?
I'm sorry for my english
thank you very much for helping
I have a 1 hour 50 minute layover at JFK from from San Juan to Portland. Is that enough time to get through customs and make my connecting flight
Hello I arrive at JFK @ 12:55 terminal 4, my connecting flight to Orlando is @ 15:52 terminal 5. Is this enough time with also re-checking bags, customs , immigration etc. Thanks
Hello - my parents are flying into JFK - Terminal 7 - while their dog is in cargo. Where do they pick up their dog? Is it as irregular baggage at the terminal or somewhere else outside of the terminal?
Please let us know the process.
I am travelling from UK to JFK in October for a week to give a lecture. My daughter, 25, who has Down syndrome will accompany me. Will it be possible for me to be near her at the immigration control and would it be possible to skip the potential queue? Thank you
Yes, she can travel with you through immigration, but I don't think you would get to skip the line.