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New York Kennedy (JFK) Airport

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Got a tip about JFK airport? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between New York Kennedy airport. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • Terminal 1 Immigration wait times
    May 5, 2014
    I will be arriving in Terminal 1 at 8 pm on a Wednesday. Does anybody have an idea of how long the waiting time for getting through immigrations and customs could be?


  • More from the Terminal 5 to 7 transfer story . . .
    Mar 17, 2014
    Such great info! I thought I might as well chime in. Nothing was ever lost by asking the question, so here goes. Ok Mr. Guru: Wife and I have 644pm Jet blue arrival on a March Wednesday (Term. 5) heading for a British Airways 1030pm departure to Heathrow (Term. 7). Based on some of the posts; I'm beginning to think that 3 hours to collect bags & clear customs & then security over in terminal 7 is not as big a cushion as I originally envisaged? Would you comment and what are your suggestions? Also for our return we have a little under a 4 hour window (B.A. arrival @ 350pm) until our leg back to Florida (730pm JetBlue). How long have the customs/immigration transit times in terminal 7 on Sunday afternoons in April generally been running? Will this therefore be enough time? Thank you.


    Both of those connection times should be more than sufficient


  • retrieving a pet from cargo
    Mar 11, 2014
    are there services I could hire to retrieve a dog from international cargo and hold it until my flight arrives (about 7 hours later)


  • Calim and recheck bags
    Feb 16, 2014
    I am arriving AA JFK from SJU then connecting to CX to HGK. AA in SJU says I have to pick up and recheck my bags at JFK. What is the procedure for this? I have just over 2 hrs between flights


    1. All international arrivals at JFK need to go through passport check (not sure if that applies to P.R.), pick up bags, go through customs clearance & (if continuing journey) re-check in bags where indicated. 2. Thereafter, your bags will be automatically transferred to your connecting flight (both airlines belong to the same Airline Alliance). 3. Board the 'Airline Terminals Train' (follow signs) from arriving Terminal 8 to departing Terminal 7 (next stop); get off and go through security check and on to your gate. NOTE: Watch flights to/from JFK due to bad weather conditions if your flights at JFK are in the next few days! You would have enough time for transfer, even if you would need to check in your bags with CX).


    Please disregard what sufeb said. Flights from San Juan to the mainland US are treated as domestic flights. You will not have to claim or recheck your bags. American should be able to check your bags through to Hong Kong in San Juan. All you will have to do is go from Terminal 8 to Terminal 7 via the AirTrain/Air Terminals Train, then go through security in Terminal 7.


    Thank you.


  • Within terminal 8
    Jan 10, 2014
    My baggage is checked all the way from Cleveland to India . Im travelling via qatar airways.So once I reach arrival terminal 8 how do I go to departure terminal 8 . Is there connection within terminal 8 arrival n departure.or I've to take a bus .if walkable would there be signs at arrival that would direct us to departure.


    Terminal 8 is just two buildings connected by an underground tunnel. Since CLE-JFK is a domestic flight all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate in JFK.


  • How do we get from arrival terminal 8 to departure terminal 8
    Jan 9, 2014
    Is it walkable from arrivals to departures within terminal 8


    Yes, everything within Terminal 8 is walkable. It's just on different levels.


  • from international flight to domestic
    Dec 28, 2013
    I 'am not u,s citizen. i'm landing from international flight in JFK terminal 4 on 06:30 and have a domestic flight from terminal 2 to tampa on 08:15 (1.45 hr) (all flights by delta) do you think it enough time?


    It's really pushing what's possible. Immigration at JFK can be slow and you will have to change terminals and go through security.


  • Jfk to chennai
    Dec 25, 2013
    My wife and 3 years old kid are flying from JFk to doha with qatar airways on dec 26. They have 4 checked bags and 2 carry on. It will be tough for her to go thru check-in process. Will I be allowed to go inside /near counter to complete check in procedures?


    Yes. You can go with them to the check in counter.


  • how to find out delta airlines counter in JFK aiport for go to Detroit
    Dec 23, 2013
    I have ticket from DAC-JFK via saudi airlines and JFK to DTW from delta airlines, two ticket was buying separated, so where can i go for delta airlines counter for baggage posting to go detroit, or what can i do?please help me


    Your Detroit flight will leave from Terminal 2, which is located 1 stop away from your arrival terminal, Terminal 1. They are connected by the AirTrain/Air Terminals Train.


  • Retrieving a pet from JFK Cargo. Arriving by AirFrance.
    Dec 22, 2013
    I would like to know where to go, in order to retrieve my pet Rabbit. It will arrive by AirFrance Cargo, and I wish to retrieve it myself, please help me with the process, or at least let me know to which desk I have to go to start the retrieving process. it will have all required medical document etc. Thank you for your help.


    You need to contact AirFrance. Pet Info is at: If you can't get this direct URL, open and click on 'Preparing your Trip' / Animals.


  • estimate time through customs
    Sep 30, 2013
    Arriving from Turkey, on Turkish Airlines, Terminal 1, with a U.S. passport, how much time should I allow to get through customs so I can book my ground transportation.


    I'd budget 45 minutes to an hour.


  • Where to meet
    Sep 17, 2013
    My sister is arriving at JFK Terminal 7 at 15.35 (BA flight) - we are arriving from Maine on a JetBlue flight at 16.30..Where should I suggest we meet to travel to NY together?


    Meet her at Terminal 7 where she has to go through passport check, pick up her bags & go through customs clearance - an estimated 45-50 min procedure. Upon your arrival at Terminal 5, claim your bags (if needed) and take the 'Airline Terminals Train' (follow signs) to T7 (train runs counter-clockwise between all terminals in the non-secured areas. T7 has a small arrivals level - meet her in front of the transportation information desk. From there, you can take either the Airtrain, bus or taxi to the city (open & scroll down towards the end of the text for details.)


  • Where to meet passenger in Terminal 4
    Sep 2, 2013
    My friend is arriving on Virgin Atlantic from London at Terminal 4 about 1.5 hours before I arrive on a JetBlue flight at Terminal 5. I will take the train to T4 where we ill then travel on to Long Island. Where shall I tell her to wait for me once she clears immigration and customs?


    Meet her in front of the Information Counter on T4's Arrivals level (pre-security).


  • Connecting flights operations
    Aug 18, 2013
    My flight is scheduled arriving in JFK T4 at 5,30 pm from SDQ and at 8,05 pm I have to take the connecting flight to FCO with the same air company ( delta ) in the same T4 terminal. Arriving gate should be B30 and boarding gate should be B20 in the same terminal. Since I have to desembarke and imbarque picking up baggage and repeating check-in and clearance processes, what's the best path to follow and complete the processes briefly between the two flight gates within 2,5 hours ? May I ask for help to somebody when I'll be there ? thanks for any response, cordially


    You should have plenty of time and there will be people around to help. You will claim your baggage in immigration and then re-check them with Delta after exiting customs. You will then go back through security and to your gate. You should be given both of your boarding passes in Santo Domingo. Delta's T4 is brand new and very easy to use but some of the gates are a bit of a long walk.


    thanks a lot ZAP, very useful your feedback . Concerning the long walk you talk about please let know me if gates B30 (arriving flight ) and B20 ( departing flight ) in T4 that I found with arrival & departures tracker should always be connected without take the railway shuttle . thank you.


    Your flights may not use those exact gates unless you're traveling today or tomorrow. However, both flights will operate from Terminal 4 and you won't have to take the AirTrain.


    ZAP Hello I am writing today Sunday, 08.18 three days after my return to Rome, it was going to fail for various reasons, all due to events that I endured in the JFK airport . I want to confirm that I enjoyed the valuable guidance given to me but the natural course of things was not as "normal" as I would expect. First, the flight DL 494 arriving at JFK landing with a 1-hour after scheduled time , so the time useful for me was reduced to 1.5 h. After landing total chaos, I arrived in a great indoor place in which we passengers with flight connection we were not led by anyone but the indications available from the posters on the spot. To receive my suitcase I had to wait three quarters of an hour. And so the remaining time fell to 45 minutes useful for making customs checks, the procedure of personal control and admission to the access port on the fly. In all this, NO ONE has made us realize that the customs control is divided into two parts, the first comprising fingerprints and the stamp on the form of goods transported before collecting the luggage, the second after the withdrawal of luggage; the second checkpoint after luggage retired with the completed form and stamped. This has meant that many of us have "jumped" in good faith the first part of fingerprints (which we had already done the first time, when we did the first travel to RD ) because we have taken a lane that made us bypass the frontier control, letting us get directly to the carousel luggage. And in that moment NOBODY did say us that we were doing the wrong thing , in spite that was enough staff personnel service intent on chatting. The result was that the second checkpoint has sent back us to put the stamp on the completed form to the first checkpoint. Were moments when I thought to losing my mental clarity . Do all this meant that it was 7.30 and the DL flight 246 departed time to 8.05. Yes and no half an hour to do the second customs check point (at least 200 meters in a row), then the control staff upstairs (another 200-300 meters in a row), and then down again to find the gateway to the DL 246 flight that was 41B. Yes, just the 41B, that is the furthest in absolute. And if I could reach it, I owe it to two employees of the airport, a black boy who has allowed me to "jump" the line of control personal check and a girl with a service vehicle that has allowed me to not collapse the ground with a heart attack for the race I did. Without her I would never be able to reach the B41. Which in the end I managed to do just because the good Lord sent me two guardian angels. It was 7.45 pm when I embarked on the B41. After all this I wonder: if I had arrived after 8.00 at the door of access to the flight what would have happened?


  • Assistance for traveler with autism
    Jul 24, 2013
    My 32 year old son with (high-functioning) autism wants to fly to Taiwan to visit his brother. How can I get him assistance from his arrival at JFK (from Dulles) to the gate for the next leg of his flight. I'm afraid he'll be terrified and not be able to find his way. He has over 3 hours to get to the next gate. Thanks for any ideas!


    1. When making airline reservations, be sure to mention his special needs, so that on arrival arrangements may be in place. 2. His arrival at & departure from JFK will depend on the airline. It is likely that he may have to transfer between terminals via the 'Airline Terminals Train', and go through security check before proceeding to connecting gate. 3. I suggest you open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text with airline & transfer information.


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