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Can see the my terminal
Who is Balducci and why does it matter that he can see your terminal?
Hello, I am arriving at JFK on 24 Dec at 15:30 from Mexico on Aeromexico (terminal 1) and have to connect to a flight from Royal Air Morocco to Casablanca that departs at 20:15 (terminal 1). Do I have enough time to go through immigration, collect my bags, and check in to Air Morocco?
Yes, you have to do all that. If you are a Mexican or Moroccan citizen you need a transit visa.
Yes, i hace a tourist visa. But, is enough time 4 hours and a halo to do al that?
Yes, that should be enough time.
hi, am flying HK>JFK arriving Christmas Eve at 1210pm

Looking at booking a car to get us to our accommodation but unsure how long it will take re: baggage reclaim and clearing customs and immigration. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I would book the car for 1:15 or 1:30 PM.
I want to buy a ticket for my mother to travel from Moscow, Russia to Toronto via JFK airport. I want to meet her at the JFK airport so that we can travel on the same flight to Toronto. Is it possible to meet her at the arrival gates of her terminal and help her navigate through the airport? I want to do this because she can't speak English and will need help. If not where is the best place to meet her?
No, it is not possible to meet her at the arrival gate. You have to meet her at the exit of US Customs in JFK in her arrival terminal.
I would recommend her to get a wheelchair service, this way a designated person will meet her at the gate. You can give her a note in english that will say that she speaks no english and needs help to get through customs or to get to the next gate (wherever the Toronto flight is leaving from). Obviously, she doesn't need to use wheelchair, it's just the way they set it up for airport workers. Good luck!
My family and I are due to land with Norwegian Air at 8:30pm, I would like to book transport from the airport to our hotel but need to know a rough tie to book the car as I don't want to incur any charges. We have never been before and I am getting different times from different people.
Can anyone give me some advice?
Immigration shouldn't be to busy then, so I think you will be out of customs around 9:15 if your flight arrives on-time.
I'm on this flight on 11/12 please can you advise how long it took you to clear customs/immigration please? Thanks.
I'm not flying until January hopefully a quiet time!
My sister and I are both arriving at JFK from two different airports in Europe within the same hour. As she is not an experienced traveler and her english is not as strong, I want to meet her as early in the arrivals process as possible. Any recommendations where in T4 to wait and meet? Can that be pre-immigration or best in the luggage area? Thanks
I am arring JFK and then i fly to Havana by Jetblue. I am a Vietnamese with Vietnamese passport. Vietnamese do not need visa to entry to Cuba but if fly from US, pax have to choose one of 12 reasons to travel to Cuba. If i choose reason "support to Cuban people", any problem happen to me?
No, the JetBlue website is just required to ask that. Since you are not a US Citizen your answer will not be used for anything.
Thank you so much
Flying from RDU on KLM Flight 5481 and must catch my connecting international flight to Amsterdam on KLM Flight 644. With a short overlay of 1 hour and 40 minutes, do I have enough time? My flight information says I arrive at terminal 2 and I will depart again at terminal 4. Do I have to re-check my luggage at JFK? Do I have to go through security at JFK and how fast will I have to run to my gate?
Your first flight will be operated by Delta. Delta runs a shuttle bus inside security from Terminal 2 to Terminal 4 - use that. You don't have to do anything with your baggage on your way out of the US. You have enough time.
Hi, I'll be flying from ORD to LHX and transferring at JFK in a couple of days. Will I need to collect and recheck my luggage at JFK or should it be transferred through? I'm flying Delta in the US and Virgin to London, and the tickets were bought as one journey. Thanks.
You don't have to do anything with your bags at JFK. Just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Hi my flight arrives into terminal 8 around 40 minutes after my parents land in terminal 7. Can anyone recommend the best place for them to wait for me please.
Are both flights international? They could just wait in the arrivals level of 8 at the exit of Customs.
Yes both are international, they aren't the best at finding their way so was looking for them to do the least possible and for me to find them. Thanks
if you and them arrive at the same terminal, I'd say let them stay at the arrival terminal and wait for you. If this is the final destination though, their luggage will be on the claim waiting for them for 9 hrs. If it's a connecting flight, then no worries - luggage wshould go to final place.
Good evening! I will be traveling from London Healthrow to Orlando, Florida with a layover at JFK in the near future. Will I actually go through customs at JFK or will I go through customs when I arrive home in Orlando? Thank you for your help and happy travels.
Yes, in JFK you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. What airlines are you flying?
I will be flying Delta. I will not have any checked baggage - just a backpack, so maybe the process will be a little easier for me. Thank you for your response.
Yes, in that case the process is the same, you just don't have to do anything with bags.