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  • estimate time through customs
    Sep 30, 2013
    Arriving from Turkey, on Turkish Airlines, Terminal 1, with a U.S. passport, how much time should I allow to get through customs so I can book my ground transportation.


    I'd budget 45 minutes to an hour.


  • Where to meet
    Sep 17, 2013
    My sister is arriving at JFK Terminal 7 at 15.35 (BA flight) - we are arriving from Maine on a JetBlue flight at 16.30..Where should I suggest we meet to travel to NY together?


    Meet her at Terminal 7 where she has to go through passport check, pick up her bags & go through customs clearance - an estimated 45-50 min procedure. Upon your arrival at Terminal 5, claim your bags (if needed) and take the 'Airline Terminals Train' (follow signs) to T7 (train runs counter-clockwise between all terminals in the non-secured areas. T7 has a small arrivals level - meet her in front of the transportation information desk. From there, you can take either the Airtrain, bus or taxi to the city (open www.ifly.com/jfk & scroll down towards the end of the text for details.)


  • Where to meet passenger in Terminal 4
    Sep 2, 2013
    My friend is arriving on Virgin Atlantic from London at Terminal 4 about 1.5 hours before I arrive on a JetBlue flight at Terminal 5. I will take the train to T4 where we ill then travel on to Long Island. Where shall I tell her to wait for me once she clears immigration and customs?


    Meet her in front of the Information Counter on T4's Arrivals level (pre-security).


  • Connecting flights operations
    Aug 18, 2013
    My flight is scheduled arriving in JFK T4 at 5,30 pm from SDQ and at 8,05 pm I have to take the connecting flight to FCO with the same air company ( delta ) in the same T4 terminal. Arriving gate should be B30 and boarding gate should be B20 in the same terminal. Since I have to desembarke and imbarque picking up baggage and repeating check-in and clearance processes, what's the best path to follow and complete the processes briefly between the two flight gates within 2,5 hours ? May I ask for help to somebody when I'll be there ? thanks for any response, cordially


    You should have plenty of time and there will be people around to help. You will claim your baggage in immigration and then re-check them with Delta after exiting customs. You will then go back through security and to your gate. You should be given both of your boarding passes in Santo Domingo. Delta's T4 is brand new and very easy to use but some of the gates are a bit of a long walk.


    thanks a lot ZAP, very useful your feedback . Concerning the long walk you talk about please let know me if gates B30 (arriving flight ) and B20 ( departing flight ) in T4 that I found with ifly.com arrival & departures tracker should always be connected without take the railway shuttle . thank you.


    Your flights may not use those exact gates unless you're traveling today or tomorrow. However, both flights will operate from Terminal 4 and you won't have to take the AirTrain.


    ZAP Hello I am writing today Sunday, 08.18 three days after my return to Rome, it was going to fail for various reasons, all due to events that I endured in the JFK airport . I want to confirm that I enjoyed the valuable guidance given to me but the natural course of things was not as "normal" as I would expect. First, the flight DL 494 arriving at JFK landing with a 1-hour after scheduled time , so the time useful for me was reduced to 1.5 h. After landing total chaos, I arrived in a great indoor place in which we passengers with flight connection we were not led by anyone but the indications available from the posters on the spot. To receive my suitcase I had to wait three quarters of an hour. And so the remaining time fell to 45 minutes useful for making customs checks, the procedure of personal control and admission to the access port on the fly. In all this, NO ONE has made us realize that the customs control is divided into two parts, the first comprising fingerprints and the stamp on the form of goods transported before collecting the luggage, the second after the withdrawal of luggage; the second checkpoint after luggage retired with the completed form and stamped. This has meant that many of us have "jumped" in good faith the first part of fingerprints (which we had already done the first time, when we did the first travel to RD ) because we have taken a lane that made us bypass the frontier control, letting us get directly to the carousel luggage. And in that moment NOBODY did say us that we were doing the wrong thing , in spite that was enough staff personnel service intent on chatting. The result was that the second checkpoint has sent back us to put the stamp on the completed form to the first checkpoint. Were moments when I thought to losing my mental clarity . Do all this meant that it was 7.30 and the DL flight 246 departed time to 8.05. Yes and no half an hour to do the second customs check point (at least 200 meters in a row), then the control staff upstairs (another 200-300 meters in a row), and then down again to find the gateway to the DL 246 flight that was 41B. Yes, just the 41B, that is the furthest in absolute. And if I could reach it, I owe it to two employees of the airport, a black boy who has allowed me to "jump" the line of control personal check and a girl with a service vehicle that has allowed me to not collapse the ground with a heart attack for the race I did. Without her I would never be able to reach the B41. Which in the end I managed to do just because the good Lord sent me two guardian angels. It was 7.45 pm when I embarked on the B41. After all this I wonder: if I had arrived after 8.00 at the door of access to the flight what would have happened?


  • Assistance for traveler with autism
    Jul 24, 2013
    My 32 year old son with (high-functioning) autism wants to fly to Taiwan to visit his brother. How can I get him assistance from his arrival at JFK (from Dulles) to the gate for the next leg of his flight. I'm afraid he'll be terrified and not be able to find his way. He has over 3 hours to get to the next gate. Thanks for any ideas!


    1. When making airline reservations, be sure to mention his special needs, so that on arrival arrangements may be in place. 2. His arrival at & departure from JFK will depend on the airline. It is likely that he may have to transfer between terminals via the 'Airline Terminals Train', and go through security check before proceeding to connecting gate. 3. I suggest you open www.ifly.com/jfk, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text with airline & transfer information.


  • Hold a Flight?
    Jul 19, 2013
    If JetBlue causes the incoming flight to be delayed would they hold a connecting flight that dead ends for five minutes so people can get home?


    It depends if there's a flight later that day and how many people connecting on your flight are late and if the delay will really be 5 minutes.


  • Meeting my family at international terminal
    Jul 11, 2013
    Hi, I am meeting my family at the international terminal after they clear custom; they are flying Delta. I am arriving at the domestic terminal with Delta. How easy is it to get from the domestic terminal to the international arrivals exit point?


    Delta is using the new Terminal 4 for its international flights & domestic flights to/from SFO, LAX & SEA airports. Delta Shuttle bus service from gate to gate (no security check necessary) will be available between T2 & T4 - add about 12 minutes. Meet them at the Arrivals level of T4 - in front of the Information counter. Presently, its Arrivals level is separate, connected by 2 walkways to the concourse level and housing Customs clearance, baggage claim, & Information counter.


  • transfer at jfk
    Jul 6, 2013
    hello, im flying from tel aviv to san fracisco via jfk. I have 1.5 hour between flight, both on t4. Is it enough time? what do i do with the luggage? Thank you!


    It will be very tough to make it in that time. You will have to claim your luggage in Immigration. If your flights were bought on one ticket, then you will be able to drop off your bags after customs, but if you bought them on two separate tickets you will have to go upstairs to the check in counter of your second airline and check them, at which point it will probably be too late to do so.


    If both flight are on delta?


    If both are on Delta then yeah, you won't have to take your bags upstairs - you can just drop them at the Delta re-check counter. It still might be tight though - sometimes waits at immigration can be long, however since your Tel Aviv flight arrives at 5:15 AM it shouldn't be too crowded.


  • Do i have enough transfertime?
    Jul 4, 2013
    I am flying from Miami to JFK with American Airlines. I only have an hour an ten minutes overlay in JFK before my flight to Heathrow. Can i make it? I know i have to go through customs and security.


    AA uses Terminal 8, which has Concourses B & C. (Concourse B with gate 1-16, while near its gate 14 is access to Concourse C with gates 31-47.) Your boarding pass & the overhead screens will show flight & gate numbers. Hurry!


    You will not have to go through any customs or security on your way to London. You just have to go from gate to gate. If your first flight is on-time you'll have plenty of time.


  • Terminal 7
    Jul 3, 2013
    Hello All,I need your help on my up coming arrival at JFK Terminal 7. I will arrive at T7, 4 hours before my sister,who arrives at T3. I want to wait for her so we can travel into NY together. Just a few questions 1.Can I put my bags in storage anywhere?.2. I thought I might have a massage to fill in time, also could have a coffee, look at shops ,etc. Can I go into that area,even if I'm not flying, because I will not have a boarding pass.Any other suggestions as to what I do, and where to wait for my sister. Thankyou all in advance


    Terminal 3 is closed, your sister will not be arriving there. There will be little for you to do on the non-secure side of the airport.


    Thanks, we have just worked that out its now T4.Is there anywhere I can leave my luggage while I wait for her?, also where should I wait?


  • First time in the States, from NY to SFO
    Jun 22, 2013
    Hi, I am traveling for the first time to the States on june 6th from RVK Iceland to SFO, with a stop at JFK arriving at 13:10(3:10 pm) with Delta and departing for a flight to SFO at 16:00(4pm) same day also with Delta. How does it work, do I have to collect my luggage and re-check it ? do I have enough time for the connection flight ? Does Delta take responsibility if I do not catch my flight ? I bought just one ticket that covers my trip all the way to SFO. Thank you !


    13:10 is 1:10 PM. You will collect your baggage in immigration, then go through customs then re-check it with Delta when you exit customs. Then you go back upstairs and through security and to your departing gate. Both flights will likely be in Terminal 4. If you miss your connection due to your first flight being delayed or immigration delays you will be rebooked. There is one more later flight to SFO on Delta that departs at 7 PM.


    We are arriving by KL6071 R at 12.52 on 02 July 13 terminal 4 Newyork JFK,then we have connecting flight DL 3459 X at 15.55 on 02july 13 from terminal 2 for Nashville.Please guide us


    Time to reach terminal 2 from terminal 4


  • clearing customs at jfk from israel
    May 30, 2013
    How much time is needed to arrive, clear customs from Israel and board a plane to Atlanta GA


    International arrivals at the U.S. need to go through passport control, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and - if continuing journey - re-check-in your bags (making sure your first airline transfers bags to your connecting airline - if not you need to take bags to connecting terminal & check them in there). Arrivals & departures depend on the Airline you take. The 'Airline Terminals Train' serves all terminals in a continuous loop. Best to have a 2-hr window for connecting gate-to-gate. For detailed JFK info open http://www.ifly.com/john-f-kennedy-international-airport/terminal-map


  • Meeting my BF
    Apr 9, 2013
    Hi All, My Bf is coming for a transit in JFK airport to meet me for 3 Hours and I'd love to meet him privately. He doesn't have a visa to the US. Is it possible to book a hotel for 2 hours only and is there a nice cheap hotel in the airport. Also if the hotel Idea is not possible .. Where can I meet him in the airport? Thanks for your help


    You don't really have time for that. He will exit security when he arrives, so you can meet him at the exit from immigration in the terminal he is coming into. However, It will probably take him an hour to clear immigration and then he'll have to leave to get into line for security an hour before his next flight, so you'll really only be able to see each other for about an hour.


    Thank you for the reply .. Is there any hotel inside JFK so we can meet for even an hour?


    There are no hotels on airport grounds. There are a number of hotels just off airport grounds - Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, JFK Inn, Days Inn, Comfort Inn, Sheraton, Farifield Inn, and Hilton Garden.


    Without a valid US Visa he cannot exit the terminal. He has to go straight to the departures for his connecting flight. I am darn sure there is no way you can see him as he is in a controlled area only for security cleared passengers. Good luck


    Further to my last comments please read the following: You may wish to avoid transit in US airports because: Anyone arriving into the United States or one of its territories (like Puerto Rico) — and not covered by the Visa Waiver Program or the separate provision for citizens of Canada & Bermuda — requires at least a C-1 transit visa to transit the airport. This can be expensive (US$131 minimum) and time-consuming to obtain, and you can be denied the visa: the requirements are the same as the full B-2 tourist visa. If you arrive without this visa, even for a fuel stop or transit, and aren't eligible for a waiver, you will be sent home and recorded as having been denied entry to the US. The United States does not allow sterile transit, which means that even if you have an immediate connecting flight, you have to pass through Customs and Immigration. This is time-consuming and tedious (4 hours or more is recommended to be safe), and all except Canadian travelers transiting in the USA using either a transit visa or the Visa Waiver Program will be photographed and fingerprinted. You have previously been denied entry to the US or overstayed in the US, and have been advised that entry may be refused in future. Transit entry is as likely to be refused as any other entry, it will almost certainly be easier to avoid risking it. Note that all of these activities now require either a Visa Waiver or C1 transit visa: transferring to another flight; just stopping and not disembarking from the plane; and refueling stops. Sometimes these minor stops are not even clearly marked on preliminary itineraries for long haul flights. If you have reason to avoid the US, ask that the itinerary be double and triple checked for transit and fuel stops in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska). Note: Alternative transit points described in this article often also require visas. Always check transit or entry conditions of all stops. You are responsible for checking and if necessary getting the visas and are advised to do so months before your planned trip.


  • Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 in 75 min.
    Mar 15, 2013
    I arrive by AA flight in JFK T8 and I have 75 min. to catch an international flight to Dubai from T4. Is the time sufficient ?


    Try to see if you can get your bag checked through to Dubai and hurry. That's not very much time, especially if your tickets were bought on separate reservations and have to claim and recheck your bags.


  • Terminal 8 to Terminal 4 in 75 min.
    Mar 15, 2013
    I arrive by AA flight in JFK T8 and I have 75 min. to catch an international flight to Dubai. Is the time sufficient ?


    Note also that you need to take the 'Airline Terminals Train' which runs between all terminals, but in the unsecured area, meaning you need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate.


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