New York Kennedy Airport ( JFK ) Public Transportation

Transportation from Kennedy Airport:   While you have the option of renting a car, taking a taxi or limo, you have multiple other options available:
By Car & Van Service: Airlink N.Y. 877-599-8200; ASl County Express 800-914-4223; Super Shuttle Long Island 800-742-9824; All County Express 800-914-4223; Connecticut Limo 800-472-5466;
Uber Black & UberX chauffeur-driven Cars to Manhattan: 
   Uber Black is a chauffeur-driven business-car service with a flat one-way fare of $100 (plus toll costs of $5.33 if taking the Queens Midtown Tunnel) - no credit chard surcharges, no tipping - taking on average one hour.
   UberX provides less fancy cars (like Toyotas or Hondas) and charges $60 plus tolls for one way - tipping optional. 
The Uber app is also handy for sharing a car with another traveler at $36 each.

For free download of 'MyTransitGuide' open:^BNH^xdm017&gclid=COmFgejklcgCFYVAaQod4uEM-w

By Train Service:
The Airtrain which stops at every terminal and divides at Federal Circle station (for rental cars, hotel & cargo area shuttles) into two separate routes - the Jamaica & the Howard Beach Routes.  (The Howard Beach Route has one stop in between at Lefferts Blvd. (for long-term parking A, Kiss & Fly, and NYC Buses B15, Q10) .
- At Jamaica Station you can use:  the E train to midtown Manhattan & Queens; the Long Island Railroad to either Jamaica Center & Long Island, or at opposite side, to lower Manhattan & Brooklyn via J or Z subway.  Or you can connect to the following NYC 'Q' buses: Q6, 8, 9, 20, 24, 25, 30, 31, 34, 40, 41, 43, 44, 54, 56, 60 & 65.
-  At Howard Beach station you can connect to NYC Bus Q11, or use the A train to the Rockaways, or - on opposite side of the platform  the A train to Brooklyn, lower & mid-Manhattan & the Bronx.
- From Manhattan's  Grand Central Station (42d/Lexington Avenues) and Penn Station (34th/8th Avenue) you can also connect to the Long Island Railroad, or the PATH to New Jersey; or to short- and long-distant Buses at the Bus Terminal (8th Ave & 41/42 St.).
By Bus Service:
- The NYC Airporter Bus, tel. 718-777-5111 runs every 30 minutes and stops at Grand Central Station. For online tickets visit:
- Borough of Queens buses B15, Q3 & Q10 stop at the arrivals roadway of Terminal 5:
   - Q10 connects to the A-line subway station at Lefferts Blvd., and to E & F subway lines at Kew Gardens;
   - Q3 bus connects 169th St. & Hillside Ave. for NYC subway line F;
   - B15 bus connects at New Lots & Livonia Avenues for transfer to NYC subway lines 3 & 4.

Lowest Costs & Travel time: The estimated cost to Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn is currently $7.50, which includes the $5 AirTrain entry/exit fee and the $2.75 MTA subway fare (per person). First-time purchase at vending machines of new MetroCard is $1; with free refills.  Estimated travel time:
   50 mins to midtown Manhattan's NY Penn Station using E subway at Jamaica Station;
   60 mins to Lower Manhattan (up to West 14th Street) via A subway at Howard Beach Station;
   75 mins to Upper Mahattan's West 125th Street via E Subway at amaica Station & trasnsfer in Manhatan to either subway or bus.
   50 mins to South Queens or North Brooklyn, via J or Z Subway at Jamaica Station. 
Alternatively, to get to Manhattan's west side at Penn Station, or from Queens: take the Long Island Rail Road at Jamaica Station, taking only 35 minutes, but costing about $15.50 (including $5 Air Train fee & LIRR peak period fare).

AIRPORT-TO-AIRPORT CONNECTIONS:  (For private limos & van service go to Ground Transportation Information Counter in the baggage claim area.)
    To Newark Airport EWR - Taxis take between 75-90 mins.  The ETS Air Shuttle (tel. 718-221-5341) takes about one hour. 
The least expensive connection: take  AirTrain JFK (877) 535-2478 to Howard Beach Station; transfer to the A Train to Manhattan, get off at 42d Street subway station, follow signs (inside)  into 'Port Authority Bus Terminal', exit the terminal and you are on 8th Avenue; take a left & walk around the corner of 42nd Steet  to the side entrance/exit where the NYC Airporter bus stops (it's a mid-size bus, front white, with blue advertisement) - estimated total transfer time to EWR: 2 -2.2 hrs.  You can also take the NYC Airporter directly from JFK to Grand Central Station (right across from the Terminal and 42d Street, but you need to get off there and board another bus for the Bus terminal on 8th Avenue/42d Street.
    To LaGuardia Airport LGA-  The most economical way is to take the AirTrain to Jamaica Station, then board the E subway train to 'Jackson  Heights/ Roosevelt Ave.' station, (look at overhead maps inside the trains), get off, walk down the stairs and and board the bus Q47 or Q33 to LaGuardia.  Quicker options are to take either the ETS Air Shuttle 718-221-5341; All County Express 914-381-4223; or NYC Airporter 718-777-5111. Travel time 45-60 minutes.