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  • KCI Brew Pub
    Jun 23, 2015
    I wish there was an option to say Extremely Poor. I flew into MCI on American Airlines from Dallas on Flight 1568 on Saturday June 13th at 3:38 pm and had a connecting flight out on Alaska Airlines leaving out a 4:40 pm. Your airport dumbs you out of the waiting room onto the street (outside of security) with no help as to where to go to reach your connecting flight. The flight board lists only flights in and out of the terminal that you are in (also what terminal you are in is not labeled anywhere close to the gate) TSA just pointed you out the door to the gate and basically said this way. After looking at the board and not seeing my flight listed anywhere I went outside and tried to figure out where to go. I asked the bus driver and he said I just drive the bus lady. I went back inside to look for the Airline desks which were quite close to the gate I dumped out of and American and Alaska Air were side by side. Unfortunately they was no agents at any of the desks. After asking around one of the janitorial staff was kind enough to go inside the American Airlines office and get someone. They worked for American so didn't help much but did tell me that I needed to catch the RED bus and go to the other terminal A. By the time the bus got me over to the other terminal I had missed my connecting flight on Alaska. My phone was dying and there was no where to sit or charge my phone. I was connecting so had no friends to contact. I found one person coming out of the American Airlines office because their desk was unmanned also who told me to go back to the other terminal and talk to Alaska Airlines. She off handedly said "THIS HAPPPENS ALL THE TIME." Really! If you know that then WHY DON'T YOU FIX IT! The only thing nice about your airport was the Bartender at KC Brew Pub in Terminal C. I had to have a family member by me another $200 ticket to fly out on American to Phoenix and finally on to Seattle from there arriving a 1:30 am in the morning instead of 6:20 pm. I have flown all over the world even multiple airports in Africa and never had a problem. YOU ARE THE WORST AIRPORT I HAVE EVER FLOWN INTO and I WON'T COME BACK! You really should have ALL FLIGHTS AND GATES listed in ALL TERMINALS and clear marking everywhere TO GET ON THE "RED BUS".


    This is not the Kansas City Airport's website. Nobody from the airport will see this. Perhaps you should have researched the airport before you left.


    I did post it to the Airports Page. I just want to warn others who might be flying to Kansas City how horrible it is.


  • Can I make this connection?
    Feb 17, 2014
    I arrive on UA4181 Express jet at 5:17 PM. and have to fly out of Kansas on Flight UA1243 at 5:47 on a Boeing 737. Only a 30 minute connection. Do you think this is enough time at this airport to make this connection.


    Both arrivals & departures of United are in Concourse C (C gates). You have enough time.


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