Kitakyushu (KKJ) Airport

Kitakyushu KKJ Airport Overview

Kitakyushu Airport KKJ, opened in 2006, serves southern Japan's Kyushu Island and its capital city (prefecture) Fukuoka. It is located at Kiushu Island's north shore - actually built on an artficial island at western Seto Inland Sea

KKJAirport is located 3 km east of Kitakyushu, and is accessible by a 2.1 km toll-free bridge connecting to the Higashikyushu Expressway via the Kanda-Kitakyushukuko interchange.

With a long runway and an estimated 3 million passengers a year, Kitakyushu Airport is served mainly by  a number of airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all parts of the globe.

The two-level Passenger Terminal at Kitakyushu Airport
has a barrier-free design.
The first level is the Arrivals level with domestic & international baggage claim areas, Immigration & Customs Inspection,  and separate Domestic & International Arrivals Halls with a rental car desk in the international section.
The second level is the Departures level, housing  a  Departure Lobby check-in desks, and security check, leading to both the domestic & the international waiting areas and to the gates (Gate 4 is for international boarding (with a duty-free shop nearby) and gates 1, 2  3 are for domestic boarding)..The level 2 boarding gate area offers a caffee with light meals for late night/early mornings,  and in the Departure lobby is Cafe Rosen. Also, six stores are disbursed on level 2.
The third level houses a modern restaurant and a ramen bar.
The observation deck is open 6:30am-9:30pm, but charges a small fee; it includes a footbath open 10am-6pm.
Parking is available in the parking lots across from the passenger terminal; for more parking information call 093 551 4947.

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