Kristiansund Kvernberget (KSU) Airport

Kristiansund Kvernberget KSU Airport Overview

Kristiansund Airport Kvernberget KSU serves the Norwegian county of More og Romsdal.
KSUAirport is located next to the small mountain called Kvernberget, 10 km from town center of Kristiansund, and can be reached via motorway 70, and is a 15-20 minute drive from the town center. A heliport at Kvernberget flies personnel to/from offshore oil rigs off the mid-Norwegian coast.

1.  This Airport name spells Kristiansund with a 'u' - not to mistaken it for Kristiansand Airport at Kjevik (code KRS), spelled with an 'a'.
2. Airport service hours: weekdays 5:30am-11pm; Sat. 5:30amam-6:30pm; Sun. 12 noon-11pm.
3. Check-in time for domestic flights is at least one hour prior to scheduled departure; for international flights 1.5 hours, and for charter flights two hours

With an estimated 360,000 passengers a year, Kristiansund Airport is presently served by SAS & Wideroe airlines.

The passenger terminal at Kristiansund Airport was upgraded in 2006. Services and amenities include a duty-free store and a restaurant.

Parking options:  Parking Garage P1 for short- & long-term parking is across from of the terminal, with first 30 mins free.  Parking Lot P2 islong-term weekly parking.  For more parking information call +47 67 03 2410.

Getting from Kristiansund  Airport to your destination: A  taxi to the city takes about 13 mins (tel. +47 71 67 2222). The bus stop is outside of the terminal's main entrance:  Frequent buses from Dale & Vikan both stop at the Aiprort and continue to the City center, following the main road and arriving within walking distance of all hotels.  At City center, buses depart twice an hour to the Airport and take 25 mins.  From the city, buses also connect to Kristiansand, Lillesad, Grimstad & Arendal.

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