Travel options from Kumamoto Airport:
A trip to the Technopolis Center (Bus stop 4) takes only 10 mins.  
A trip to Kumamoto City or its bus terminal takes 40-45 mins. Bus tickets for the Airport Limousine to Kumamoto City and Amakusa (Bus Stop 2) can be purchased at the ticket machine located next to the ex in front of the Arrivals lobby, which is across from Bus Stop 2.
A bus trip to Aso takes 1 hour, to Kurakawa Hot Springs 2.5 hrs., to Amakusa (Hondo) 3 hrs. 
A Highway Bus trip to Yatsushiro takes 1 hour & connects to Shinkansen Train at Shin-Yatsushiro Station. 
A trip via Express Bus to to Takachiho/ Nobeoka takes 3 hrs, to Oita 3 hrs and to Beppu 4 hrs.

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