Parking Options at La Guardia Airport

Passenger Drop-off/ Pick-up: Terminal frontages are only for loading/unloading - unattendet cars will be towed at owner's expense. (There is no cell-phone lot available). The Impound Lot can be contacted at 718-533-3900.
All parking options can be reached from Grand Central Parkway; all lots are served by shuttles:   Free Route A (all terminals) or Route B (all terminals except Marine Air Terminal / Delta Shuttle) courtesy buses run between parking lots and terminals: Route A buses 4am - 12:30a.m. and Route B buses run 5am-2am.
Free EV-Charging stations:  Five EV charging stations are at Lot P2, ground level at Terminal B - tied into the Chargepoint network. Access the station with an RFID-enabled credit card or Chargepoint access card. Electricity is free. Fees are collected upon exiting the lot. Vehicle can be fully charged within 12-24hrs at level I, 4-6 hrs at Level II.   For more info and signing up for access visit:

NOTE:  As of July 8, 2016, Lot 2 (covered parking) is closed due to ongoing consruction work.

Terminal A (Marine Terminal): Metered lot (2-hr limit); P6 daily lot; further south P7 daily lot.
Terminal B (Central Terminal):
    Parking Garage P2
is across from the terminal;  with premium reserved parking on level 1at aisles D & E & on level 4 at front row;
    Daily lots P1 & P2 (P2 will be demolished while a new Central Terminal will take its place & a new garage will be built).
Terminals B & C: Long-term lot P3 is between both terminals - reached on foot or by shuttle.
Terminal C parking: Premium reserved parking at Aisle 403, and Daily parking at lot P4 - P4's garage level 1 is now open!
Terminal D parking: Premium reserved parking at Aisle 425; and Daily parking at lot P5.

Short- & Long-term Parking Options & Fees (fees include tax):
   Short-term /Daily parking
is available at Daily Parking Garages 2 & 4 and in Lots 4, 5  6.
Fees:  Each half hour segment $4, up to 24-hr max at $39
   Long-Term Economy parking is available at Lot 3.
Fees: first & second 24 hr periods each $39; after 48 hrs each 8-hr period has a flat fee of $6.
    Persons with restricted mobility :  Reserved parking spaces are available at each short-term parking lot near terminal entrance.
Fees:   first & second 24 hr periods each $39; after 48 hrs each 8-hr period has a flat fee of $6.
    Valet Parking is available next to ot P4
$40 for 24 hrs; thereafter each 12-hour period is an add'l $20.

Payment options:
1. Express Pay machines are in lots 2, 4 & 5. US currency, check, major credit cards accepted. 
2. E-ZPass Plus, cash,creit or debit cards is accepted in all lots.

For more parking information call the parking operator at 718-533-3850.

Important Notice:   As parking facilities are being relocated closer to Parkway - passengers may need to take special shuttle buses to their parking lot.

La Guardia (LGA) Airport Parking Map

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