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Last departure at LGA was in December '16 when the traffic pattern around the ongoing construction was outrageous. I have been led to believe that things have improved significantly. Leaving early this Friday and I'm still concerned. Have things improved or do I have to leave Manhattan (usually a 15 minute drive to LGA) 4 hours before my flight? Thanks in advance.
Things have improved but it's still messed up. Leave an hour earlier than you normally would. I've just started flying out of Newark until the construction is done.
Thanks. I can manage that.
I have a connecting flight from LaGuardia to Newark Liberty. I'll be arriving to New York by 0840pm, then departs in New Jersey by 0100am for an international flight. There will be no shuttles after 0830pm and I only have 4 hrs spare time to complete everything. Private shuttle costs $200, commute costs 3 hrs travel. Any suggestions on how to make it the reliable way? I'm not sure of taxi availability on a Monday night in LaGuardia and degree of traffic and really concerned if I'll make it safely.
Departing 6 AM United from Terminal B Sept 3rd. With construction will a cab be able to get us to curbside check in?
They should be able to get you to the departures level of Terminal B. If you plan to arrive at 4 AM you should avoid the traffic.
Just realized I'm arriving at Marine Air terminal. What are transportation options to get to Harlem area? I assume there are cabs. Didn't see any bus stops right outside terminal. If needed I assume there is an airport shuttle that would get me back to main terminals if needed to catch transport from there?
Airport transit is severely screwed up by construction and the Marine Air Terminal is the least screwed up.The M60SBS bus no longer goes to the MAT, There is a bus that goes straight south from the MAT I suggest that if you want to take public transit that you look at an up to date map from the MTA.
Flying in 8/24 and hearing news about traffic being at stand still. Wondering if best served just walking to LaGuardia Plaza Hotel or if a car service would be best. If walking are there sidewalks to and from that area?
What terminal are you flying into?
Terminal B. Southwest
Which terminal do domestic United flights land in? Will the MTA bus routes serve that terminal, or is maintenance going on that would affect them?
All United flights arrive and depart from Terminal B. The M60 SBS bus is still operating to Terminal B but now operates on the upper level (departures). https://bustime.mta.info/m/?q=M60-SBS
I have a 2:15 flight out of the Marine Air Terminal (terminal A) and unfortunately the bus taking me to the airport will get me there about 1:05-1:10 and only stops at Terminal D. Is this enough time to get between terminals and check a bag?
Yes, that should be enough time. The Route A bus will take about 5-10 minutes to get to the MAT from Terminal D.
What is the best way to retrieve my bags from American Airlines baggage and meet my party at Delta baggage area.
The only way is the inter-terminal shuttle bus.
it appears from other comments that going thru 'U.S. customs clearance' BEFORE I arrive at La Guardia (in my case in Montreal)and NOT checking in bags but simply bringing carry-on luggage (one laptop and a schoolbag less than 20 pounds O.K. I hope) will significantly save time, so that I guess I could just step off the plane at La Guardia with my carry-on luggage and walk to the nearest taxi or even shuttle bus, please correct me if I'm wrong. The other thing is, when I go to Newark Liberty airport, on a Saturday early afternoon I suppose there will be some traffic, but again I could save time if I DIDN'T have to go through U.S. customs as the check back in Montreal is sufficient and again I can just use carry-on luggage, please tell me if I need to go thru Customs again at Newark.
No, you will not need to go through any immigration in Newark, just security. 5 hours should be plenty of time, especially on a Saturday.
My mom is arriving from overseas to JFK, and she has 3.5h to go throuth customs, grab bagadge and go to LGA(check in, check bagadge and sit in airplane) Is it enough time for her? and if she is late to the plane, what next? THANK YOU
As an international arrival at JFK your mom needs to go through passport control, pick up bags, and go through customs clearance (35-45 mins at non-rush hours) - These are her transfer choices from JFK to LGA: ETS Air Shuttle 718-221-5341; All County Express 914-381-4223; NYC Airporter 718-777-5111. Travel time 45-60 minutes. She needs to check in her bags at LGA, go through security, and on to her connecting gate. (To find out which terminal at LGA, open www.ifly.com/lga and click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS, then scroll down to the detailed text.
3.5 hours SHOULD be enough time if she doesn't arrive during rush hour and has no major delays, but it will be very tight under the best of circumstances. Make sure she takes a taxi between the airports (budget $30-35 or so) otherwise there's no way she'd make it.

As for the second part of your question - depends on the airline. I've been late for flights and have them just rebook me on the next flight with no problem, but I've also had to pay for a new flight. More of a chance for the former, but you never can be certain with them