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Very bad experience at the landau jewel lady store at Loga airport . The sales girl was rude and racist , told me that I will have to wait and started showing the jewellary to the white person who entered the store much after me .
I arrive 2 hours before the rest of my party and wanted to know if theres a restaurant near baggage claim that I can wait for them after picking up my bag?
It depends what terminal you arrive in. The baggage claim levels of most terminals don't really have anything.
The new food system where you have to order with iPads is clunky and full of errors. The music tries to make bit like a disco or bar. It's an airport, people, not a bar. Get some better food, faster service.
Poor customer service at Bisoux. I was excited to try this restaurant. I own an iPhone and iPad, so ordering on an iPad should not have been a problem. But don't think about asking about the food or getting a receipt for your order. I asked a question of the very unfriendly hostess as I read the posted menu. She gave me a blank stare. I went in anyway. The server was a little better,but became defensive when I asked about the included tip. After hearing the people at the next table to me complain about the service, I asked for my receipt when I was served my food. I asked again 10 minutes later. Still no receipt. When I saw my server leave the restaurant, went to the counter. The manager was nice,but still could not find my receipt. When my server came back she yelled at me and told me my receipt was thrown out.
So sorry to hear about your experience at Bisoux. Please contact us directly via the press inquires form on our website, so we can make this right. We are looking into this internally as well.
They only seem to list duty free in Terminal B
Delta only recently started flying to Canada from LaGuardia and from Terminal C, thus no Duty Free in Terminal C. US Airways, the previous tenant of Terminal C, did not fly to Canada from LaGuardia.
We will be leaving out of Delta Terminal C on Sunday. I'm judging the terminal from the departure point for our flight the last few days. It's a Delta Connection flight.

What's the status of renovations at Terminal C. I think they're largely completed at Terminal D, but what about Terminal C?

Delta Terminals C & D will be connected by a 650-foot bridge at post-security. Work is already in progress; when finished, passengers will be able to make quick connections. Furthermore, Terminal D's Sky Club will be expanded. Both terminals C & D will receive expanded security lanes.
What's the correct status of Terminal C as a location to wait for flights - which might be a long time on Sunday afternoon!

Sorry, what's the CURRENT status of Terminal C?
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We have a flight from Tampa to LGA arriving at 10:45 a.m. in terminal D. We have a connecting flight from LGA to Toronto leaving at 6:20 p.m. We are planning on leaving the airport to do some sightseeing. Will we have to take our luggage with us or will it be stored and transferred for us
If you have your bags checked through to YYZ in Tampa then they will stay with Delta the whole time.
The BEST customer service I have EVER received!! Yesterday I had an incredible experience with the i*tech shop. It began in November 2012 when my son purchased a pair of earbuds. The 2 salesmen (Mike & Benny) were very knowledgable about their products & helped with great advise. Then they gave him (no charge) a new phone screen protector, & gave one to me as well. The Pair of earbud broke with-in the company's warranty, & when I returned them to the manufacturer, they promptly lost them in their warehouse. In order for them to honor their warranty, they demanded a purchase receipt. Unfortunately my son paid cash & as 15yr olds do - threw away the receipt. I called the shop hoping they would be able to document the purchase. Not only was the manager helpful, but he did one even better than the manufacturer, & immediately sent a NEW PAIR OF EARBUDS directly to my apt in NYC. I have never been more impressed with their loyalty to a customer, & I will return the generosity by being a loyal customer as well. Thank you again i*tech, & thank you to Zura - the manager who helped us keep the music alive!
I live in NYC and a friend has a layover at LGA. Is there a bar or restaurant at the airport we can meet at outside of security since I don't have a boarding pass?
Open http://www.ifly.com/la-guardia-airport/terminal-map and click on each of the terminals for restaurants.
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