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hi- I see there's a 'Blue' shuttle going from Terminal B to Terminal A.
If I'm standing outside at Terminal B, how long will it take to get to Terminal A on the shuttle--including Wait Time at B? thanks.
Quite awhile, not many people need to go from B to A, so that shuttle does not run frequently.
thanks. i see the shuttle arrival pickup times, but seem no where to look for estimated ride time from B to A
The actual ride will be like 15-20 minutes.
zap, thanks, that's good to know. unfort., that means total 35min--15min wait plus 20 min ride,
On Thursday, November 16, I arrive on AA flight 380 at 12:34 pm. I need to meet family arriving on Delta 2096 at 12:45 pm.

How do I get from the AA terminal to the Delta terminal?
There is no good way to get from Terminal B to Terminal C or D with the current construction. You can try walking to C from B along the outdoor sidewalks.
I leave on Delta terminal C and my daughter is leaving from terminal B. we'd like to spend some time together before heading out. Can you walk between the terminals?
It's possible, but not easy to walk between B and C and the walk is outside security.
I fly into Terminal C gate C41 and have 50 minutes til connecting flight takes off at Terminal B gate C4. Do I need to go through security again? is 25-30 min enough time?
Are both flights on American? If so they have a shuttle inside security between their gates in C and their gates in B.
I am arriving on Southwest at terminal B about 20 minutes before friends arriving on Delta at terminal D. What is the best way to connect and share a taxi into Manhattan?
A friend and I are both flying into LGA- she on Delta and I’ll have a Southwest arrival 45 minutes later. What is the best way for us to connect with each other at the airport?
They're very separate terminals, It will be hard, especially with the current construction at LGA.
ZAP - your !answers are not in the least bit helpful.
How do i get to Terminal
c from Terminal D? Do i have to go through security again? I only habe 1 hr and 20 min to connect. Thanks
C and D are connected by a walkway inside security. You have enough time.
Hi! I would appreciated any expert advice. I land at terminal D about 15 minutes prior to a business colleague who is landing in terminal B. The ideal scenario would be to share a cab into the city, but I am wondering if that is more trouble than it is worth. About how much time does taking the shuttle between terminals typically take?
Thank you for any insights you might have.
With the consstruction it could take 15-30 minutes to get between terminals.
We have very tight connections this morning - best way to get from terminal a to d fast??? Thank you!!
I know this is probably a stupid question but we are flying into Terminal B tomorrow morning and have a connecting flight in Terminal C (AA) an hour later. Is there a way we could have a cigarette before boarding the connecting flight?