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Hello! I leave tomorrow for a flight from KC to Laguardia. Within Laguardia, my flight lands at 11:02 Andy other flight leaves at 12 however I have to switch terminals from terminal C to B. What's the fastest way? Can I walk? Or is there a walkable area from C to B inside the terminals? And do I have to go through security again? Thank you.
Are both flights on American? If so they run a shuttle inside security between their gates in C and their gates in B.
Yes, they're both American. Okay great! Thank you!
hi guys,
Do I have enough time to make the connection from Terminal C 9:25 am to Terminal B 10:40 am departing? Do I take the shuttle or I walk?

Thank you
If both flights are on AA and the first flight is on-time that should be enough time. You can take the shuttle.
My daughter is flying alone for the first time. She needs to make a connection in La Guardia from a Westjet flight coming from Toronto to a flight going to Portland Maine. It appears she arrives and leaves from the same terminal. Is this enough time...any hints??
Yes, that is enough time. She will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Toronto.
I am likely arriving/departing AA from Terminal B while my friends are arriving/departing Terminal C. I've read about the existence of a AA airside shuttle between the two terminals, but can't find much info on it. Does anyone know where you get on it in Terminal B and where you get off in Terminal C? Trying to figure out a way to meet up without too much trouble. Are there any restrictions to riding it? Final question, can one go through security at Terminal C with a ticket departing out of Terminal B or is entry restricted to being on a flight in the Terminal?
There are signs to it once you arrive in B. There are no restrictions to riding it that I know of. You may or may not be allowed through security in C holding a B boarding pass.
Thanks for the info!
My flight arrives at Gate C12. Even though the Delta site says Terminal C, Gate C12, upon looking at the LGA maps, it appears that this is actually Terminal B, Concourse C, Gate C12. Can you please confirm? Also, my connection flight is from Terminal D Gate D7. What is quickest way to get from Gate C12 to Gate D7? Thanks!
Delta gate C12 is in Terminal C, not Terminal B. You can just walk between terminals C and D via a bridge.
My son is flying by himself for the first time and from what I can tell from Delta's previous info he will arrive at Terminal C and Depart from terminal D. He has a hour between flights. Can he walk between the two terminals without leaving the secure area and does that give him enough time?

Does Delta have a shuttle between the 2 terminals?

Any info would be helpful. By the way he is 17 its just a big airport and he s nervous as this is his first flight by himself.
I am picking up a passenger traveling with a 1 yr old at American Airlines Terminal B on Fri July 14 at noon. I hear that traffic is horrendous there. Do you recommend I advise her to take a shuttle to the rental car return Bus stop at Terninal A and meet her there? Would that be faster and more dependable than trying to fight through traffic at Terminal B? Also any advice for drop off for a 4 pm flight back on Sunday July 16 ? Thanks !

Me and my friend are flying out of lga. But his flight is from terminal b and mine is from D. Is there a way I can go from B to D?
Transfer time between DL flight terminal A and Delta Terminal c
We arrive at Terminal C (gate C42) at 7:09 a.m. and depart from Terminal B (gate C3) at 7:59--both American flights. What's our best hope--the fastest way--to get from 1 place to the other? Thank you for your help.
American runs a shuttle inside security between their gates in C and B. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.