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V r arriving LGA Terminal C by Delta 2699 at 07.53am.
Our connecting flight Delta 375 leaves from Terminal D at 9am.

Can we walk from Terminal C to Terminal D as v have no checkin baggage ( Delta to Delta).

Or will we have to take a shuttle Bus.

How much time will we need.
Yes, there is a walkway from C to D inside security. You have enough time.
Arriving delta terminal C. Next leg delta out of terminal d 30 minutes after arrival. Carryons only. Enough time?
It's possible if the first flight is on-time. Of course at LGA that is a very risky bet.
Hi. I am traveling with friends from gsp with a connecting flight through lga to yyz. We have one hour between flights. What terminal will we arrive and depart? And is this enough time? It says it's operated by expressjet DBA delta.
The flights will likely both be in Terminal D, but all Delta gates are connected inside security. You have enough time if the flight from GSP is on-time.
Thank you! The second flight is with westjet, will that change which terminal we depart from?
No, Westjet uses Delta gates in LGA.
Is 1h45m enough time to arrive in the US from Canada, clear customs and make a domestic flight on another plane? The arrival is on Westjet and the next plane is Delta.
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada. All you have to do in LaGuardia is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I'm flying Delta at 6 am from Portland, Maine to Kansas City, MO through La Guardia. Will 42 minutes be enough time to make the connection? I booked it all as the same flight. Thanks
That's enough time if the flight from Portland is on-time. All Delta gates are connected inside security.
Is a 46 min layover enough to make a flight? I will be flying from DCA to Montreal on American Airlines the whole way. The ticket I would like to buy has a 45 min layover. I am wondering if this is feasible and how far the connection at LGA is?
Also wanted to add, the first flight is at 6am out of DCA and then arrive at 7:09am, then 7:55am out of LGA
That should be just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
thanks! i am hoping that the early morning flight will mean no delays and that them selling this ticket together means that i can make it. no checked baggage either. just gonna book it and see how it goes!
I am flying into LGA via Delta and need to hook up with my brother who is flying in Southwest. How to I get to his terminal? Are there shuttles between terminals?
There is a shuttle between terminals but the terminal roadway is all screwed up due to construction so it may be faster to just walk.
How far is it?
Maybe 10-15 minutes.
I have a flight coming in at 10:29 gate C41 and a connecting flight in terminal B at 11:35. Will that be enough time?
What airline are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation? Do you have checked bags?
I have a Westjet booking that arrives at terminal B or C 5:30 pm and a n Air Canada flight that leaves (terminal D) at 6:30 pm. Will I have enough time to mike this connection?
Westjet uses D and Air Canada uses B. No, you probably don't have enough time.
Hi everyone, I have a Delta MSP to LGA flight scheduled to arrive at 7:06 p.m. and a Westjet departure going to YYZ Toronto at 7:50. I know they're in the same terminal, but with baggage etc. will there be enough time to transfer?
It's enough time if the flight from MSP is on-time.