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Can I walk from Westjet in Terminal D to Southwest in Terminal B. IS that the quickest route, or is there a faster way?
It is a difficult walk but not impossible. LGA is a mess right now due to construction.
I was looking for a flight with WestJet from Orlando to Moncton NB. I have a layover of 55 minutes in New York for Toronto. I don't know which terminal yet cause I didn't booked the flight. I was just wondering if I have enough time....55 minutes.
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time. The first flight would be on Delta.
Arriving from DCA to terminal A at 8:15 am and meeting family at terminal D baggage claim. What bus do I take and how often do they run?
The bus that takes you to D is now called the Red Route.
Hi, i'm flying tomorrow from MOntreal to Washington and I have a stop in LGA of 1h. Both flights are with American Airlines. I read some comments and got scared that i won't make the connection. I only have a carry on and have to switch from terminal b to c. Do you think I can make it? And if not, will I be put on the next flight?
If your flight from Montreal is on time, you'll make the flight without an issue. If your flight from Montreal is late, and you miss the flight at LGA, American will book you on the next flight to Washington DC.
ok thank you so much! I was really worried!
Also, AA runs a shuttle inside security between their gates in Terminals B and C.
How did your flight and connections go? I am taking the same one in a month and I am worried too. Did you have enough time to make the connecting flight to DC?
Is there a Shuttle between Terminal B and Terminal A (Marine Terminal)?
Yes, due to construction the shuttles have moved to the upper departures level of Terminal B and the shuttle that goes to Terminal A is now called the Blue Route - http://laguardiaairport.com/at-the-airport/connecting-within-laguardia/
Have a Delta flight tomorrow & it usually leaves from Gate C13. I do not see C13 on the Terminal C map or on the Terminal B Concourse C map. Any idea which terminal it would be in?
It's a new gate near where gate C15 is on this map - http://www.delta.com/content/www/en_US/traveling-with-us/airports-and-aircraft/airports/new-york-laguardia.html It's in Terminal C.
I've never flown through LGA before and I'm terribly worried. I have 1hr22 between connections arriving at Terminal C and need to get to B. From what I understand I need to get my bag, go through checking in my bag again, security and get to Terminal B? Am I destined to fail? Thanks.
What airlines are you flying?
Delta does not use Terminal B at LGA.
I'm arriving on the 30th at about 1:15 pm on Delta flight, have 1 checked bag. And i have a flight on American Airlines that leaves at 3:30 pm. Do I need to leave security to get to the American terminal?
Since you have a checked bag, you will have to claim your bags from Delta in your arrival terminal (Either C or D) and then take them to your AA departure terminal (either B or C). If you need to change terminals you need to take the Route A or B bus (I guess you can walk along the curb from D to C if necessary). You will then have to re-check your bag at the AA ticket counter and go through security. You barely have enough time if your Delta flight is on-time. If you can do this without a checked bag then you can do this without having to go through security.
when I get to lga what terminal is American Airlines that will take me from Lga to Bangor Maine?
Those flights appear to leave from Terminal C. However, confirm that with AA.com flight status on the day of your flight.

I'll be traveling from YYZ (Toronto) to LGU via Westjet & have 1.5 hrs to connect to an AA flight going to RDU (Raleigh).

I know that I will arrive in Terminal D but unclear to me whether AA flight to RDU will be in Terminal B or C.

I'm assuming that I will need to get my checked luggage, exit security and go through security again since Westjet & AA seem not to have an interline agreement. Is that correct?

Also, Is 1.5 hrs enough connecting time?

I'm assuming that I'd need to take one of the airport terminal shuttles to whatever terminal my AA flight is departing from. Advice would be appreciated
Yes, you have the procedure correct. You barely have enough time if everything goes perfectly. AA.com will tell you your departure terminal the day of your flight, but I'm fairly sure the RDU flights leave from Terminal B.
Thanks for the confirmation of info.
Can you walk from Parking at terminal C to terminal B?