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  • United flight to Cleveland says gate A1A?
    Jul 5, 2013
    I thought United flies out of terminal B. my boarding pass to Cleveland says gate A1A. Is that the other terminal away from the main one? The flight is operated by Chataqua Air, but I've never had rot go to other terminal.


    LGA has 4 terminals A - D. Terminal A with gates A1 to A7 is a short distance from the other terminals (with separate exit from Grand Central Pkwy.) Your gate is A1 of Terminal A.


    frjul's instructions are a little confusing. There are four concourses of the Central Terminal Building where United operates at LGA - A through D. United operates flights from A and C.


  • Taxi time from Soho to LGA
    Feb 12, 2013
    If I'm leaving from work in Soho, how long should it take me to get to LGA on Thursday evening via taxi? (I have a 9pm flight out of LGA). And it looks like security waits are pretty low at this time - is that correct? Thanks!!


    Probably an hour but I'd budget 1.5 hours.


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