La Paz El Alto (LPB) Airport

La Paz El Alto LPB Airport Overview

La Paz El Alto International Airport LPB is one of the two Airports in the world with the highest altitude (at 13,323 feet), situated  above the Bolivian capital the city of La Paz, on a high plane referred to as 'altiplano'.
As all Bolivian Airports were nationalized in early 2013, no official Airport site could be found.

If you are visiting the city of La Paz, be prepared for the high altitude and cold nights (coco tea will help you adjust to the altitude).  La Paz is truly worth a visit--it has a rich culture, wonderful museums, old churches, outdoor markets with colorfully-dressed natives offering their Andean goods. Quechua, among other Indian languages, and Spanish are the main languages spoken in La Paz.

LPB Airport is located in the Andean town of  El Alto, and is 25 minutes from city center of La Paz, the legislative capital of Bolivia, South America.

With two runways, El Alto International is served by domestic airline Boliviana de Aviacion (BoA), and by foreign airlines  - offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

NOTE: Passengers departing on an international flight at La Paz Airport need to pay a departure tax of about $25.

The passenger terminal at La Paz El Alto, which received renovation and extension work in recent years, offers the following amenities and services:   An information desk is located in the main hall. ATM machines in the main hall accept Visa, Master Car, American Express, Electron, Maestro, Cirrus,etc.  Currency exchange is available at international Arrivals, Door 1. A duty-free shop is in the departure area. Bookstore,cafes & fast-food establishments are in different areas of the terminal.  You can store your luggage in the Main hall, and tourist information desks are located in both the domestic and international departure areas.
Emergency medical service and a small pharmacy are available at international arrivals.
Airport & Airline  Lounges at La Paz El Alto:  The Airport VIP lounge is on the first floor in the Main Hall.  The American Airlines VIP lounge is in the international departure area.
Sleeping at El Alto:  Transfer passengers may consider the new 'Onkel Inn' - a sleepbox hostel (signs are on the ground level) - with a choice of Dorm ($37) or private ($44) accommodations.
Parking: Long- and short-term parking is available close to the passenger terminal.

Of interst:
El Alto / La Paz news of Dec. 2014 indicated that after previously opening the first line of the new cable car system spanning 2.6 km  (the highest in the world), it has completed its second line which runs 7.3 km from La Paz to El Alto city, near the Airport.  (La Paz is at 3,600 meters and El Alto at 4,000 meters above sea level.  Three more lines are under contract.  The cable cars will operate 17 hrs/day able to carry 18,000 persons/hr - the one-way fare is only $0.43!)

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