Lagos MMA2 (LOS) Airport

Lagos MMA2 LOS Airport Overview

Murtala Muhammed Airport Terminal Two LOS - referred to as 'MMA2' - serves the Nigerian State of Lagos and its capital city. It is operated by BASL (Bi-Courtney Services Ltd.)  Its state-of-the-art passenger terminal started operations in May 2007.

The Airport is located in the city of Ikeja, 14 miles northwest of the city of Lagos, State of Lagos, and is Nigeria's largest airport, accessible from Lagos by a highway (driving time 30 minutes)..

With a yearly passenger count of ten million and two long runways, Murtala Muhammed International Airport is hub for Air Nigeria & Arik Air, and is served by many international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

The passenger service charge is about  N2,500.

The on-Airport Courtney Hotel opposite the Airport is presently under construction.
Murtala Muhammed Airport has 2 passenger terminals.
Parking is available in the multi-storey carpark at levels 1 & 2, and the carpark is connected the passenger terminal by a covered walkway.
BEWARE of pickpockets and those posing as officials - security is not always up to standards. If you drive, make sure your tank is full and be alert when in a traffic jam (have your valuables on your person and the rest in the trunk or on the floor where it can’t be seen from outside. Keep doors and windows locked & don’t drive at dark.

Future Airport Developments:  Work started late March 2014 on the new International Terminal's the first phase of construction - scheduled to be 'delivered' by March 2016. The new structure is going up to the right of the existing one, and is planned to be connected to the old terminal via a channel.  

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