Main Terminal / Concourses at Lagos MMA2 LOS Airport

MMA2 - the domestic terminal with two levels and 6 boarding bridges, and offers the following amenities & services - including free WiFi access:
a passenger drop-off canopy; an apron enabling it to handle wide-body aircraft; arrivals/departure halls accommodating up to 4,000 passengers with state-of-the art information display and public address system;
31 check-in counters with common-user check-in systems and baggage handling facilities;
VIP lounges and a meeters & greeters area;
5 X-ray machines for carry-on luggage;
a food court offering local and international fare;
access & facilities for the disabled;
four banks, ATM machines, currency exchange, meeting rooms; prayer rooms; and
retail and office space for travelers' services.

The International Terminal is a separate Terminal - now referred to as the 'old terminal'. On completion of the 'new terminal' both the new and the old terminals are to be linked by channel. 

NOTES regarding the 'new' International terminal:
Early December 2013:  As a reliable source disclosed, the E & D wing ends had recently been extended and both ends were given a new check-in systems with 30 immigration desks, 14 full-body scanners, & 6 baggage conveyor belts on each end. The upper level received new departures facilities & lounges.  Air conditioning is inadequate and at times not working at all, making the heat unbearable. The roof of the terminal was open for construction and - as a consequence - vessels were disbursed inside to catch the rain drops.  The rooftop construction is to include transit hotel, transit & airline lounges - with space for duty-free shops.  New departure areas at D & E fingers would be connected with ramps to airbridges.
March 2014: Work started on the new International Terminal's the first phase of construction - scheduled to be 'delivered' by March 2016. The new structure is going up to the right of the existing 'old' International terminal, and is planned to be connected to the old terminal by a channel. 
Late 2014 /Early 2015 - no information available.

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