Main Terminal / Concourses at Lagos MMA2 LOS Airport

The new Domestic Terminal MMA2 opened May 2007. It is the only privately-funded and operated terminal in Nigeria - meeting all indices of a world standard terminal. 'Bi-Courtney Limited' undertook the design, construction and operation of MMA2. 
The terminal offers a dropoff canopy, and its departure & arrivals halls accommodate 4,000 passengers and are equipped with new information display & public address system.  Its 45 check-in counters have a common-user check-in systems & baggage handling facilities.  A Meeters & Greeters lounge is in the Arrivals area. 
The Terminal boasts technological innovations, such as CUPPS, self-service check-in kiosks, automated access gates, new Baggage handling system, 45new check-in desk computers connected to new boarding pass & baggage tag printers, and four self-check-in kiosks. Four E-gates were installed before security screening, and each gate now has a boarding pass scanner and new manifest printers.  PaxTrack restrict access to certain zones, analyzes peaks, locates passengers within the terminal and gives boarding agents better on-time performance.The boarding area houses 6 boarding bridges and 4 bus departure gates for 8 remote aircraft (served by buses).
MMA2 also offers first-class restaurants & retail outlets, a food court, meeting rooms & conference hall, banking facilities, pharmacies, supermarket, clinic & ambulance service.
A multi-level parking garage is directly linked to the terminal and offer on each level a driver's lounge.
Lounges at MMA2 - located in the departure area - are intended  for frequent flyers and offer luxury settings:
  A VIP pay-in lounge is accesssible to all paying passengers.
  The Platinum membership lounge is based on yearly subscription fee, and is accessible to Executive Gold Card holders.

The current International Terminal MMA1 (operated by Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria) is now referred to as the 'old terminal'.  Late 2013, the E & D wing-ends had been extended and both ends were given a new check-in systems, 31 check-in counters with 30 immigration desks, 14 full-body scanners, and 6 baggage conveyor belts on each end. The upper level received new departures facilities & lounges.  The rooftop construction is to include transit hotel, transit & airline lounges - with space for duty-free shops - however, contractors halted their work for non-payment reasons. The overall state of MMA1 is pretty dismal. 

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