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There are two sections for b through c on here, one of them has long wait times and one has short times.
What's the difference and which one does frontier fly out of?
Wait times listed here should be taken with a grain of salt.
That doesn't really answer the question...
Also, Frontier uses C. Concourse B is not currently in use.
Don't make the mistake of thinking you can get thru security a little faster, because you're TSA pre check, at Lambert...They have ONE agent working both pre and non pre check lines.
Can you go from terminal 1 concourse C to concourse A without going thru security again?
No, you cannot, but security lines in Terminal 1 are typically rather short.
Hi. I dropped my wedding band near gate C12 on Sept 3 around 7:30pm. If anyone located it, I will gladly offer a $300 reward for its return. It is a thin diamond eternity band.
Also contact your airline's lost & found department, or the St. Louis Police Department at 314-426-8126 (responsible for lost items inside STL Airport).
I am flying in on Cape Air and out on Delta, Will I need to change Terminals - how far apart are they?
I think they should leave the Shuttle on top of the STL airport.

This would be an awesome sight seeing event.

Maybe bring this airport some extra cash, how many ppl would come to an airport to look at one sight and hop back on and go home. Nice opportunity for some cash flow for the airport.

All they would have to do is secure the shuttle to the roof.

This is also a great memorial, no one died, so it can be kinda funny too.

Thank you,

Ed Bass
We heard from travelers that
Things are looking up at the St. Louis Airport - Terminal 1 is changing for the better and the parking lots are easy to get to by new signs.