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Questions, comments and tips about parking at Lambert St Louis Airport. Have a favorite place to park? Prefer offsite to on-airport parking? Share your STL Airport parking experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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Are charges per car or person?
We have a week long trip planned flying out of STL and need to take our 32' RV to the airport. Are there any special arrangments we need to make or special lot we need?
Is the upper level of T2 parking for arrival pick-ups? Thanks!
I spoke with someone at the airport's information line to ask if there was a different price for motorcycles or a special parking place for motorcycles. They told me that if I could get around the gate then I didn't need to pay. While I think that sounds great, it also sounds like I could get in a lot of trouble just squeezing around a gate. "Yeah officer, the lady on the phone said squeezing past the gate was airport policy". I wondered if anyone else has kept their motorcycle at the airport for long term parking. In my case, this would just be for about 5 days.
Where is Parking spot 3 on your map?
I need to find a parking lot that has a rider to the airport for direct drop off. Post surgery spouse cannot get in and out of shuttle. Shuttle pick up to get the car back a few days later.
I suggest you contact Lambert-St. Louis Airport: e-mail: tel. (314) 426 8000
My mohter is flying in on Cape Air April 6...Where could I park that is easy access to Terminal D. She is 81 years old and I don't know how much walking she will be able to do.
1. STL has two terminals - T1 & T2 - your mother arrives at Terminal 1, Concourse D. 2. If your mother carries a cell phone - use the free Cell Phone Lots (one is a mile west of Terminal 1, half a mile east of Cypress Rd, on Lambert International Blvd., stay with your car until she has collected her bag and calls you to be picked up at the curb. Otherwise you have 2 choices: Use Parking Garage 1 right across from the terminal at about $2.50/hr.
Is there short term parking at the East terminal. Southwest airlines
1. Southwest serves Terminal 2's E gates. Both Terminals 1 & 2 have a parking garage for short, medium and long-term parking.
Is it just as cheap to just park at the east Terminal for 2.5 days vs using one of the off site vendors? Flying to Dallas on SW today and back on Sunday. One bag - one carry-on dog, need convenience. Thanks!
Which long term parking lot should I ffor 4 days flying out on Southwestern? Please share shuttle info from lot to terminal (do I need to reserve a shuttle and do they run 24 hrs p day?
Southwest arrives/departs from Terminal 2. Both T1 & T2 offer garage parking at daily rate $21 with access to terminals; Lot A is Terminal 2 Express parking at $13/day with free shuttle 24/7 - dropoff front door of T2 in less than 5 mins. - you need to show your boarding pass or copy thereof to the cashier when asked. Lots B, C & D, are further away, but served by shuttle and range from $10 to $7 (Lot C has also covered spaces for $11. See:
All parking facilities are now run by Central Parking System, which assigns letters or numbers to their facilities: 1 & 2 are parking garages for Terminals 1 & 2. For the 'Super Park' lots the lettering goes by the fees charged: Lot A, the 'Terminal 2 Express', is the most expensive of the lots; Lots B, D, & C follow, with Lot C, the cheapest, charging presently $9/day and in the covered section $11/day.
Can I park at the airport parking so I can catch the metro-link into downtown St. Louis? If so, which lot?
If you just want to park to catch the metrolink, why not consider the Shrewbury station or possibly UMSL. Looking at the metrolink schematic map, there are a several stations with free park and rides: