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United Express utilizes gates in the A Concourse of Terminal 1 only.
Hi, I have a connection time of 1 hour. Arrive on Cape air and will depart SOuthwest. I know I need to collect luggage. Will I need to go back thru security and is the route walkable? I had knee surgury and walk pretty slow. Can I get assistance between terminals, if needed?
Yes, you will have to go through security again.
I have a similar situation. I was reading that passengers arriving with Cape Air will be shuttled to the connecting concourse with no need to go through security.
Hi Karen and Deb,
Cape Air has a complimentary shuttle service that will transfer you to your departing terminal with no need to go through security.
do they have a passenger pick up place
How do I find out which terminal I leave from? STL to Denver
What airline are you flying?
Making a connection from Southwest to Cape Air, term. 2 to 1. Do I have to claim my checked luggage and take it to Cape
Air myself?
Hi - you do. Southwest does not have baggage agreements with other carriers.
July 7 American Airlines Flight 2306. STL to OHare
American Airlines Flight 2204. OHare to Boston.
Is there a question here?
Can I walk between the terminals???? Or do I need the shuttle??
You could walk between the terminals past the puddle-jumper gates about ten years ago; that's no longer an option. There's a physical connection, but it's closed to public access. You'll have to clear security and take the shuttle. You COULD walk outside, but it's not convenient or safe.
I'm flying Southwest from Oakland to DCA with a connection at STL. I will arrive at STL around 6:55. Connection leaves at 8. Is that enough time?
1hr 5min is plenty of time. Just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I wondered what terminal Wichita to St. Louis comes in on and then St Louis to Boston both on southwest... I wondered because there was only 45 min between flights and wanted to check before I booked.
All Southwest gates are in Terminal 2, Concourse E