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Now that the C councourse has reopened, is it still possible to walk between terminals? I'm flying in on Southwest and out on Cape Air, and would like to make the transfer without dealing with security, if possible.
Yes you can walk without going through security again, as all concourses are connected, including Terminal C. You arrive at Concourse E.
The answer to this is NO. The D concourse that connects terminals 1 and 2 is now blocked off. You have to leave and go through security again.

Source: I flew through STL today.
Possibly flying into STL via Cape Air (Terminal 1), then need to connect with Southwest (Terminl 2). Can I walk directly to Southwest and how much time shoud I allocate for the walk ?
The concourses are interconnected; T2 has gates E8-14 & E16-18 in center, and E20-33 & E2-12 on either side.
Just wondering if 35 minutes is too short a layover if I'm coming in on Southwest, leaving on Southwest - so same terminal/concourse. I don't know the size of this concourse and just wondering if one comes in at one end, and the other leaves from the opposite end (presuming all flights are on-time), will 35 minutes be sufficient without putting on running shoes
You arrive and depart from Terminal 2, Concourse E, which has 3 Gate clusters: E8-14, E16 & 18 in the center; Gates E20-E33 to the left and E2-12 to the right. Look at your ticket for your gate number - 35 mins is enough time for transfer.
I am flying in Cape Air and out Southwest, is 40 min enough time?
I cant get a straight answer, some say D and E are connected, others say it is not.
Terminals 1 & 2 are separate, exception: their Concourses. While Terminal 1 houses Concourse D (Cape Air) and Terminal 2 Concourse E (Southwest), all Concourses in both terminals are interconnected; Follow signs to Concourse E, which has gates E60-85. 40 mins is enough time.
I'm flying in from cape air and have 55 minutes to make my fl. on Delta, assuming it's on time. I'd just like a general idea.
You arrive at Terminal 1, Concourse D which has gates A2-18; your departure is in Concourse A which has gates A1-8. As all Concourses ae connected, you simply walk to your A-gates. You have enough time.
Is gate a upper level or lower level
coming from Medora, IL. dropping someone off for a american airlines to Dallas tx where do I drop off at
1. For driving direction visit: 2. American Airlines uses Terminal 1 (Concourse D) - your marked dropoff curb is on the lower level.
Drop off paassengers on Departing Flights Drive, which is the UPPER level, NOT the lower level as advised
plz advise min connection times recommended between Cape Air and US-Air, and Cape Air and Southwest. which is an easier connection to make?
Coming from Spfld., IL. picking up passenger at American Airlines should i approach the Airport and/or park?
Your passenger arrives at Terminal 1, Concourse D (D gates). You have 2 options: 1. park in the parking garage 1 across from the terminal, or 2. use the free Cell Phone Lots (one is a mile west of Terminal 1, half a mile east of Cypress Rd, on Lambert International Blvd. - featuring an airline flight display board. Stay with your car until our party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb. (The Airport is situated inside the triangle of connecting Interstate Hwys I-270, 70 and I-170.
Can I go from a United gate to a Southwest gate without having to go thru security again once I land in St. Louis
United is in Terminal 1, Concourse A (gates A2-18); Southwest is in Terminal 2, Concourse E (gates E8-33) - all concourses are connected; no need to go through security.
that is not true. Southwest Airlines is in a completely different terminal than United. You have to take a shuttle bus between the two terminals. You cannot walk.