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Is there enough time for me to get to my connecting flight? When we arrive it says on the itinerary there is 30 mins before our connecting flight leaves, is that enough time to get there? i know we dont have to go back through security but that cutting it close, Im flying AA coming in and leaving,
That is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All the AA gates in STL are within a fairly small area.
What time do the TSA Checkpoints open in the morning at Lambert Airport?
Can i take my sewing kit and maicure set in my carry on or put it in checked baggage?
Yes, you can, as long as the needles in your sewing kit are normal (nothing extremely long and sharp) you can bring them in either. Long sharp needles would need to go in checked bags.
Is there a "landmark" in the arrival area (BEFORE security) that I can have family meet up with us? We're flying in from Florida, Texas & Minnesota around the same time (+/- 30 minutes!)
Are you all flying Southwest? By before security, do you mean outside security or inside?
All of you will arrive at STL's Domestic Terminal 1 - meet them left of the baggage claim area, where there is the USO & a Postal office.
Completely ignore MOOCT. STL has two terminals and what airline you are flying vastly impacts what terminal you arrive in.
We are flying Delta; I have a brother in Florida flying Delta, one from Houston flying United and another from Florida flying Southwest. Our parents are picking us up and I have to sneak the brothers by and get them to the hotel before we do. It's tricky! Isn't there a big plane there??
How do passengers connect from A to C in terminal 1? Is there a train, or so passengers walk, and how long a walk from end of A to end of C?

How do passengers get to terminal 2 from 1?
You will be in the same domestic Terminal 1, which has Concourses A & C. On arrival, follow signs to the C gates.
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If you are not sure which way to go, Information counters (314-890-1333) at STL Airport offer directions to facilities within the terminal, as well as ground transportation & hotel shuttle information. You'll find them in Terminal 1, between baggage carousels 4 & 5, and in Terminal 2, between doors 12 & 14, they are open 7am-11pm.
Lambert Airport has a full-service post office, open weekdays 8:30am-4:30pm - you find it on Level 1 of Terminal 1, between doors 17 & 18.