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  • Location place to meet
    Nov 4, 2013
    Is there a "landmark" in the arrival area (BEFORE security) that I can have family meet up with us? We're flying in from Florida, Texas & Minnesota around the same time (+/- 30 minutes!)


    Are you all flying Southwest? By before security, do you mean outside security or inside?


    All of you will arrive at STL's Domestic Terminal 1 - meet them left of the baggage claim area, where there is the USO & a Postal office.


    Completely ignore MOOCT. STL has two terminals and what airline you are flying vastly impacts what terminal you arrive in.


    We are flying Delta; I have a brother in Florida flying Delta, one from Houston flying United and another from Florida flying Southwest. Our parents are picking us up and I have to sneak the brothers by and get them to the hotel before we do. It's tricky! Isn't there a big plane there??


  • Time/Distance from A to C in terminal 1
    May 25, 2013
    How do passengers connect from A to C in terminal 1? Is there a train, or so passengers walk, and how long a walk from end of A to end of C? How do passengers get to terminal 2 from 1?


    You will be in the same domestic Terminal 1, which has Concourses A & C. On arrival, follow signs to the C gates.


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