Parking Options at Lincoln Airport

Parking options at Lincoln Airport: 'Gate 1 Parking' offers the quickest way from parking facility to gate - taking a third of the time it takes at larger airports, and paying less.  All parking facilities can be reached through the access road from Interstate Hwy 80.

1. Parking Garage and a Short-term lot are right opposite the passenger terminal.
2. The North Economy Lot is right next to the Parking Garage - while
3. the South Economy Lot is next to the Short-Term Lot & opposite of the Air Freight building.

Parking Fees - Visa, Mastercard & American Express are accepted. 
Garage: each 30 mins $1.25, up to daily max $8.50.
Short-term Lot: first 20 mins free; each 30 mins $2 up to daily max $8.
Long-term Lots: each 30 mins $1.25; up to daily max $6.

Disabled parking is available in each parking facility. 

For more parking information contact Standard at 402-475-8080.

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