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I will be arriving at Boston by JetBlue at 10.19 and will be departing for Dubai by emirates at 11.40. Arrival and departure terminals are not indicted in the tickets.

I would greatly appreciate any information that help smooth transition.
I am arriving via cape air 8:33a in terminal C connecting flight is spirit in terminal B leaving at 45 minutes enough time for me to make the connection..I have only carryon bag
That is not enough time.
Hello, I'm a US citizen landing with my husband on a Sunday night from Istanbul at 615 pm. I'd like to book a connection to Detroit at 753 with Jet Blue rather than the 9 pm with Spirit (the worst). Trying for carry on only. Think that is too risky?

If that doesn't seem possible, how crazy is Spirit with carry on? We will have travel backpacks and I'm worried they will make us check them at the gate for a crazy fee.

Thank you in advance for the advice!
With carry-ons only the 7:53 would be possible but is a bit risky. With Spirit you can pre-pay to put your backpacks in the overhead bins - for the two of you it's only like $70 and not the worst deal.
I am a first time international flyer,also travelling alone.I will fly from India to Boston via dubai (emirates) and Boston to detroit (jet blue)..all in one ticket/booking. I get only 2 hours for the next detroit flight
Is that enough for customs clearance and check in?please help.I am travelling on April 1.I ll have 2 checked in luggage
Arriving at Logan at 7:05 PM on Norwegian Airlines flight from London. I will need to clear customs and catch a connecting flight to Baltimore/Washington area. How much time should I leave between flights with checked baggage? without checked baggage?
At least 3 hours with checked bags, 2.5 without. If there are no flights that late, then plan on spending the night in Boston.
We will be arriving on an Alitalia/Delta flight from Rome at 6:40pm. I booked a Spirit Airlines flight to take us home to Detroit. It was supposed to leave at 9:20pm but has been rescheduled to leave at 9:02pm. We will have one checked bag and I am in a wheelchair. I usually get preferential treatment so it takes less time to clear security and customs because I am handicapped, but I am still worried that there won't be enough time to make this connection. Any advice about how we can make this work would be greatly appreciated.
It's pretty borderline.
Do you have any suggestions for how I can try to make it work? I cannot find any later flights from Boston to Detroit that evening, so I need to try to make this itinerary successful. Ways to move our luggage more quickly, moving between terminals, expediting customs or TSA?
If you have time before your flight, join Global Entry. But most of the other things you could do to make it faster you can't because you're in a wheelchair. Perhaps you should just plan on spending the night in Boston.
My domestic JetBlue flight lands at 7:18pm and I need to make my international Iceland air flight at 9:30pm. These flights were booked separately so I'll have to pick up my luggage and go back through to check in for my Iceland air flight. I do have TSA preapprove? Is this enough time or should I try to get on an earlier flight to Boston?
This should be adequate time to make it from Terminal C to Terminal E, as long as there is no delay on your previous flight. I also suggest that you show your check-in agent at jetBlue at your point of origin your itinerary for Icelandair, as they may be able to use that to check your luggage in all the way to your final destination. If that is possible, then your bag will be transferred to Icelandair and you can remain post-security and walk from Terminal C to Terminal E without even exiting security

Hope this helps
Our Spirit Airline flight lands at 7:07 and we need to go to terminal E to fly to Azores at 9:05. Info says last check in is 8 PM. Think we can make this connection? Thanks!
It's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thank you. Appreciate the input.
We are flyering in to Terminal C on Jet Blue from Fort Myers but we need to get a Virgin flight from terminal E to London. We need to collect checked in luggage and then check in to Virgin and clear security - how long should this take?
You need at least 2 hours between the flights. Preferably closer to 2.5
I am arriving from Washington at Logan Airport at 8:14pm via JetBlue, my Norweigan flight is a 10:20pm, which gives me 126 Minutes to make the connection. Is this enough time? I know I will have to recheck one piece of luggage.
Yes, that should be enough time. The JetBlue terminal is right next to the International Terminal (E)
What should I do to make the transition as speedy as possible? I am a little worried about missing my flight seeing as I will have to wait for baggage to come off the plane and then recheck it.
Sorry, I have just one other question. Will I have to go through security at both terminals?
When you arrive you will claim your bags, walk to Terminal E, check your bags with Norwegian and go through security. There is no security for arriving passengers.
Is 75 minutes enough time for a domestic transfer from Virgin America at Terminal B to Cape Air in Terminal C?
Do I have to go through security again or can it be an internal transfer?
I won't have any checked bags, and have TSA Pre.

You will have to go through security again in C. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.