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  • Transfer C to E
    Oct 17, 2013
    Hi, I am arriving on JetBlue Term C and transferring to Term E for BA internationsl flight. JetBlue say my luggage will be checked through all the way, so do I just walk from Term C to Term E (2 minutes)? Thanks.


    Terminals C & E are next to each other; however, the moving walkways connecting them are in the non-secured area - meaning you would have to go through security check at TE. TE has one 12-lane consolidated checkpoint (right behind the JetBlue ticket counter) for United, JetBlue and Cape Air gates. The gate area has to the left gates C11-20; to the right are two gateways to gates C25-36 and to C40-42.


    Thanks, so how long should I allow for the connection?


  • Terminal A & C
    Sep 19, 2013
    I am arriving at terminal A & my husband is arriving at terminal C. We both have checked baggage. Where is the best place to meet to get a cab to the hotel?


    Just pick one of the baggage claims (preferably whichever one of you gets in later).


  • Moving from terminal to terminal
    Sep 9, 2013
    Can you get from Terminal E to Terminal A via a walk way?


    Yes, but it's a very long walk outside.


  • Terminal A and Terminal B
    Aug 19, 2013
    My family is arriving at Terminal A. I am arriving at Terminal B. What is the best place to meet? They are not airport savvy. How should I tell them to find me? Is there a walkway from A to B and where should they wait for me? Thanks for any help.


    Yes, you can walk from A to B and vise-versa via a walkway that connects to the parking garage.


  • connection Boston- orlando
    Jun 18, 2013
    I have in July a transfer for 1,30 hour at Boston, coming from Amsterdam going to Orlando(MCO). Is this possible can I make it? And do I have to transfer also my luggage?


    What airlines are you flying?




  • Connection time - United - Icelandair
    May 21, 2013
    Hi, I'm flying to Iceland and have a layover in Boston. My United flight has a changed schedule and arrives at 12:54pm at terminal A and my Icelandair flight departs at 2:35pm from terminal E. Can I make this connection?


    I would ask United to change to an earlier flight. Since they did the schedule change they are required to do this free of charge.


  • Detla - Terminal A Connection
    Mar 24, 2013
    I have just been told that our flight arrival time for a Delta flight from ATL to BOS has changed, which now only allows us 33 minutes to change planes for our international flight also with Delta. Considering we have 2 small children, is this really enough time to change planes for an international flight to London? and will both the arrival gate and the departure gate be in the same part of TA, or is there a chance we will also have to use the underground walkway?


    You arrive & depart from Terminal A, which has departure gates A1-12 and an A Satellite with gates A13-22 - both are connected via underground walkway. If one of the first persons to exit the plane, you should be able to make it easily to your connection.


  • Connections
    Mar 17, 2013
    Is there time to get from an aer lingus flight from Dublin arriving at terminal e at 5 pm to get to a domestic flight on Virgin America in terminal b. carry on luggage only


    You did not state your departure time. However, presuming that you used the U.S. Customs pre-clearance at Dublin Airport, you can immediately exit Terminal E and head for Terminal B. Connected to TE, to the east, are TC & TB. There are no post-security transfers; however, you can use the walkways between terminals, but need to go through security check at TB.


  • there's no transit info
    Feb 23, 2013
    I want to find out how to schedule for my upcoming fight and neither the airport nor the transit company provide any info other than Terminal A. Guess what, there are FOUR Terminal. You'd think that the airport could figure that out and provide some info!


    The iFly site for Boston shows transportation options at; you can also click on on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS at top left and scroll down to the detailed text for transfers, terminal layout, gates, etc.


  • Getting from Domestic to International G
    Dec 17, 2012
    I am coming in from Charlotte, NC (CLT) and need to get to the International Terminal. What is the best way to get there? Merry Christmas to all!


    Your arrival at, and departure from, Boston Logan, depends on the airlines you take. Boston has Terminals A, B, C & E (E being the Vople International teminal). You can only use outside transfers: either using walkways or shuttles; Bus 11 serves all terminals. I suggest you open , then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • transferring luggage from Aer LIngus
    Dec 17, 2012
    My son is booked on a group flight out of Dublin so he's not able to use the luggage transfer to JetBlue. What's the quickest way for him to get bags and make his JetBlue flight. He added the "fast pass" option to his ticket.


    Dublin has U.S. customs clearance - if he did NOT use it there, he would arrival at Terminal E (Volpe International Terminal), where he would go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance before proceeding with bag to Terminal C for baggage check-in. If he DID pass US customs clearance at Dublin he would head straight to the baggage claim, pick up bag, get a cart, exit Terminal E and walk over - or take shuttle bus 11 to Terminal C, where he will check in his bag at the departure level, before proceeding to his connecting gate.


  • Connection
    Dec 12, 2012
    HI I am flying jet blue from denver overnight and will arrive at logan at 5:06 I need to make a connecting jet blue flight that leaves at 6:00. Is that possible in that short of time to make a connection


    At BOS, JetBlue uses domestic terminal C - The gate area has to the left gates C11-20; to the right are two gateways to gates C25-36 and to C40-42. On arrival, look at overhead screens and then follow signs to your connecting gate.


  • Which terminal do I go to?
    Dec 6, 2012
    I have a flight that I booked through United, with a United flight number. However, it says "operated by US Air." These airlines are at different terminals. I assume I go to the US Air terminal, not the United. Is this correct?


    The operating airline determines the departure gate. US Airways both Terminals B with left gates B15-21, right gates B1-B3, center gates B4-B14, and on lower level gates B9a & B9b. (for gates B22-B38 use crosswalks through Terminal B parking).


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