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  • RIC to BOS to LHR, 42 min layover
    May 26, 2014
    Hi, I'm flying RIC to BOS and then have only 42 minutes before my flight to LHR. I don't fly much, so I didn't pay attention to that short layover, but now I'm worried. Is there a chance this is enough time? Both my flight arriving in BOS and flight leaving to LHR are in terminal A; will I need to pass through security again? I haven't packed yet but am trying to make it will no checked bags, just a carry-on. Thanks...


    And both flights are through Delta...


    At BOS Delta uses Terminal A for all but its international arrivals. TA's main terminal has departure gates A1-A12 and a Satellite with gates A13-A22, both of which are connected via underground walkway. you have enough transfer time.


  • E to A in 1h45
    May 28, 2014
    Hi! I'm flying Delta from LHR to BOS and on to JFK, with a 1hr 45 layover. Is that enough time? I know I'll arrive into terminal E and depart from A - how long is the walk? Will it be easier if I try to take only carry on? What do I do if I miss the connection? I've heard terrible things about Delta!


    There are no post-security transfers at BOS. Terminal A /TA is south of TE. After passport control, customs clearance & baggage re-check, use TE's level 3 bridge to TA (5-7 mins), go through security check and on to your gate. With customs /baggage re-check (regardless whether US Citizen or foreigner) you may not make it in time if arriving at rush hours -with only a carry-on bag, you save time. Shuttles 11 & 55 make their round between the terminals outside of the baggage claim area.


    Thanks! It was fine in the end as my inbound arrived a little earlier than scheduled and the line at immigration wasn't too long (but very slow) which took about an hour. Then took bus 11 which had me at terminal A in minutes. Outbound was of course delayed but I would've made it anyway.


  • Time needed ... Terminal C to Terminal E
    May 21, 2014
    I am flying Jet Blue from Richmond, VA arriving in Terminal C and then departing on Are Lingus from Boston to Dublin in Terminal E. I have 1 hour 20 minutes between flights. Is this enough time? I know that I will have to go through security again in TE. What's the usual wait time for security at TE. My flight to Dublin departs at 6:15pm.


    It should be enough time. You shouldn't have to do anything with your bags and JetBlue should be able to issue both boarding passes in Richmond.


  • Domestic to International
    May 21, 2014
    Flying from NY to Logan and catching a flight on SATA to Portugal. 1 hour 45 layover at Logan. That enough time or should I change initial flight?


    Will you have checked bags? What airline are you flying to BOS? I would probably want more time.


    Airline is not booked yet to Boston. Want to check before I book the initial flight. I assume I will book either Jet Blue/Delta to Logan and SATA to Portugal. Flight gets to Logan at 8:20, departs at 10:05. I am not sure how the bags work, I am beginning to think that we will have to pick up the luggage in Logan and that the bags will not transfer automatically.


    Yes, you will probably have to transfer the bags yourself. I would leave 2.5 hours to make your transfer, so if your SATA flight departs at 10:05 I'd want to arrive before 7:35.


  • Connection time in Logan
    Apr 20, 2014
    I am flying Aer Lingus from Dublin to Boston and then connecting to jetblue to fly to Washington DC. It seems that I have to collect my bags,go through customs, make my way from terminal E to terminalC, check in my bag at the jetblue counter, and make my way to the connecting flight. I have 2 hours 20 minutes between flights. Is this enough time?


    Use Dublin Airport's U.S. Pre-Clearance service at Terminal 2 near gates 401-406, saving time upon arrival at the U.S. If you bought both flights on one ticket, your bags will be automatically transferred to JetBlue flight - if not, you would have to claim your bags & check them in with JetBlue. International arrivals use Terminal E; JetBlue uses Terminal C for its domestic flights. You can walk over or take the shuttle bus, either way you need to go through security check at TC, before proceeding to your connecting gate. you have plenty of time!


  • Delta connection 30 min?
    Apr 17, 2014
    Just booked a flight not realizing it has a 30 min. connection time from CVG to LHR. Called Delta said it should be enough time! Both flights have same number! Can we make this? Rebook?


    Yes, it will be enough time if your first flight is on-time. Both flights will be in the relatively small Terminal A and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


    thanks for your reply. My husband in concerned so we may have to eat the change fees. Yuk!


  • Connection time 2.10 hours Icelandair - Jetblue
    Apr 5, 2014
    We have 2:10 hours from arrival at BOS E terminal and are continuing on Jetblue from C. That should be enough time right? Does anyone know if it is possible to check baggage the whole way? Iceland-Boston-Orlando or if the bags have to be checked in again? Cheers, Bertel


    Icelandair and JetBlue do have an interline baggage agreement but if you buy your tickets they may not be able to check them through. That should be enough time.


    Many thanks. we bought the ticets through Icelandair so hope the baggage will be transferred between the flights. Would be so much easier


    Then yes, Icelandair should check your bags through to Jetblue. However, you will still have to claim them after clearing immigration to go through customs then drop it back off at the re-check desk, but at least you won't have to bring it between terminals with you.


  • 55 Mins From B to E
    Apr 6, 2014
    I know, not alot of time but airlines changed times cutting into my transfer time. Flying AA into Logan in biz class (off plane first) in TB and have 55 mins to get to TE for Air Lingus. I have Global Entry thus priority for security, etc. Wondering if shuttle or feet is the quickest route. Also, if on foot, best route via TA or TC? Can I even go via TC? Maps are confusing. Thanks!


    As BOS has no post-security transfers between terminals, your options are taking shuttle bus 11 (serving all terminals) or walking (by passing TC to TE (Volpe T); in both instances you still will need to go through security check. If AA arrives on time, you should be able to make it either way.


    Thank you for your feedback. Much appreciated.


  • Icelandair Flight - Tight Layover - Will I Make It?
    Mar 24, 2014
    I will be coming in on an Icelandair Flight that arrives at 7PM. The only flight out of Boston to get to my destination leaves at 7:59PM - That's only a 59 minute layover coming in from Reykjavik. Is it possible for me to make my next flight? I don't know if Icelandair can check my bags all the way since I would be changing over to a domestic carrier and I would need to go through customs. Also, perhaps BOS custom's has a better reputation for being quicker than other airports such as JFK and Icelandair does have a stellar "on time" or earlier reputation. Any input would be helpful. :)


    This isn't possible. You'll have to spend the night in Boston.


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