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Hi all,

I am a British Citizen. I am looking to fly from London Gatwick to Boston then go onto Cleveland. These will be 2 separate flights.

LGW - BOS - Norwegian Air
BOS - CLE - Spirit/JetBlue

CLE - BOS - Spirit/JetBlue
BOS - LGW - Norwegian Air

Unfortunately on the return, there is only an hour window from me landing in Boston to get to my flight to Gatwick. Will that be enough time to get to the flight? What will i expect such as security, customs etc?

Just a note, i have not bought the ticket as its not till October. Looking to see what is typical or what i should expect.
On the return, that isn't enough time. Sorry, you'll have to find a different way back to London. You need at least 2 hours with no checked bags, and 3 hours with checked bags.
I am arriving on AA at 5pm and my friend arrives on Jet Blue at 6:30pm. If I were to wait for him, can I get to his terminal without leaving the airport? As long as I don't check a bag? Is that a pretty easy thing to do?
They are two separate terminals that are not connected inside security. So you'd have to meet him somewhere outside security.
I boarded JetBlue to Boston fr transiting to Dubai. Luggage already booked by JetBlue to Dubai from buffalo. Was told to print boarding pass in Boston. Where do I print the boarding pass since i hv already cleared security thru buffalo
Flight is Emirates
The Emirates gate should be able to issue it.
Arriving with delta to terminal A from Atlanta then flying out to Dublin with Aer Lingus from terminal C...2 there an airside connector between A and C? If not, is 2 hours enough to exit A and get thru security at C?
No, there is no airside connector. You have just enough time with no checked bags. With checked bags it will be very difficult, bordering on impossible.
I'm arriving at terminal C via JetBlue around 8pm. Unfortunately, I booked my flight a day earlier than the check-in at my hotel. I'm a Delta Sky Club member and was wondering if I could walk to Terminal A and spend the night at the Sky Club instead of leaving the airport?
The Sky Club closes overnight.
I had a connecting flight with JetBlue, after I got out from the first flight, I asked the lady at the counter about the gate assignment on my next one, she simply replied "International flights? You have to go to Terminal A. This is Terminal C." It turns out Terminal A is for AA, and they directed me back to Terminal C. No one bothered to even take a look at my boarding pass.
I finally figured out it's at Terminal E through emails by myself. I'm glad the gap between my two flights is big, otherwise I may miss my second one because of how irresponsible the staff is here and the fact I need to go through the security again .
Whoever told you that was an idiot. There are almost no international flights from Terminal A. Almost all of them are from C or E.
1. Do I pass through security and can I use the NEXUS card to expedite. I have only a one hour connection time (arriving on American Airlines from Miami and departing on American Airlines (Westjet Encore) to Halifax, Canada.
2. Should I walk (run) from Terminal B to Terminal A or take the shuttle (bus)?
Thank you.
You have to go through security. If you have TSA Precheck through Nexus you can use that. I would walk/run between terminals.
Thank you ZAP.
My 4 year old son and I will be arriving from Doha on a Qatar flight into Boston Logan Terminal E and we need to connect to a Southwest flight (which is in Terminal A, I believe). We arrive into Logan at 1440 on a Thursday. How much time should I allow to go through immigration and customs and collect our bags and get to our next flight? I believe I need to collect the bags and then go and check in at the Southwest kiosks and I am not sure if I have to go back through security or not.....
Yes, after re-checking your bags with Southwest in Terminal A you will have to go through security. You need at LEAST 3 hours for this connection.
arriving from dublin with pre clearance onward to raleigh durham bags checked through both flights are from terminal c how much time needed
45-60 minutes is doable.
What is typical transit time, or how much time do I need to allot arrive Terminal B, and get to Terminal C using TSA Pre ?
With Pre-check and no checked bags you could do it in an hour if you check in online for your second flight. With checked bags you need more like 2 hours.