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My sister is flying into Detroit tomorrow from Manchester with a connecting flight via Boston to Detroit by Thomas cook. She has a five hour lay over at Boston. She only has her boarding pass for Manchester to Boston as it tells her to check in again at airport transfer desk. What does this mean exactly ?
There will be no transfer desk that can give her her Detroit boarding pass. She has to go to the JetBlue or Delta check-in desk (whichever airline she is flying). She has enough time.
If we arrive BOS at 6:45 p.m. via JetBlue, scheduled layover is 1 hour 50 minutes before leaving for KEF Iceland at 8:35 p.m. Both tickets will be booked and scheduled through Icelandair. 1) Is layover enough time? 2) Is luggage checked through or does it have to be claimed at BOS arrival terminal and taken to Icelandair terminal?
Yes, that is enough time. If the first flight is domestic then your bags will be automatically transferred.
Thank you, but a bit confused as you advised someone else on a domestic flight to Boston that they would have to claim luggage and walk to next terminal before international flight. Also, I assume each terminal has its own TSA gate? Is this correct?
Hi! I'm flying from LAX to DCA with stopover at BOS via Jetblue. The layover time is 1 hr and 9 mins. Is the layover time enough for us to transfer plane and for our checked baggage to be transferred?
Yes, that is enough time.
Arrive on JetBlue from San Francisco 19 July 2017 how to get from arriving terminal to departure terminal E Going to Terceira Island / Azores
You just claim your bags in Terminal C and walk next door to Terminal E.
Will 2 hours (7pm to 9pm) be enough time to get from arriving on Southwest airlines to an El Al flight to Tel Aviv in the International terminal? We have Global Entry.
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. Keep in mind that Southwest is on the opposite side of the airport from the International Terminal.
I'm arriving from copenhagen at 7:15 pm and need to get on a plane for cleveland leaving at 9:07 pm, would that be enough time to go through custom clearance and make it?
What airlines are you flying? Do you have checked bags?
Norwegian and Jet blue. No checked bags
With no checked bags that's just enough time if the Norwegian flight is on-time. Check in online for the jetBlue flight before leaving Europe. You will have to go through US Immigration and Customs in Terminal E, walk next door to Terminal C and go through security.
We are arriving 6:50pm from BWI on Jet Blue on a Saturday night.
Would this be Terminal C or E?
I need to claim my bags and head over to Iceland Air to make an 8:45pm flight (Terminal E).
We will check in with Iceland Air and print boarding passes the night before.

Is almost 2 hours enough time on a Saturday night?
You will arrive in Terminal C. It is right next to E. You should have just enough time.
I'm booking a flight for my mother who will need a wheelchair and an assistant. The flight from JFK to Richmond has a 36 minute layover. Is that enough time to get from 1 plane to the next? What happens if she misses the flight because the first is delayed?
That is just enough time. If she misses her connection she will be rebooked on the next available flight to Richmond.
I will be arriving from Iceland Sunday 7/23 at noon and will need to clear customs and connect with a 1:30 pm United flight to Houston--is this enough time? Do have Global Entry
With Global Entry that is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Is 1 hour 40 min enough to clear customs at 8:35 am weekday?
That should be enough time. However, I can't find any international flights that arrive so early in the morning. Where are you coming from?