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landing from Iceland at terminal E and flying out of Terminal C. How pick up baggage and get to Terminal C and recheck it?
You will have to pick up your bags to go through US Customs in Terminal E. You will then go through Customs and take the bags to Terminal C to check them with the other airline.
I am picking up my grandson in Boston and travelling to Bermuda on JetBlue flight 417 to JFK and on to BDA will I have enough time to collect him from terminal B and get back to check him in for a flight that leaves at 3:15 to JFK I get into Boston at 12:45 p.m.
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
My family will be arriving to Boston Terminal E ( from Dubai) to connect Philadelphia Flight from Terminal C. Once Immigration is completed, what the procedure to collect baggage & re-check the baggage. How much distance will be there after collecting baggage to re-check. . Will one person able to manage with two child's to to claim baggage and re-check. Is any help available if required at airport. Appreciated your response
If your bags are tagged through to your final destination, you can re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after customs, then just walk next door to Terminal C and go through security. It's not too far that you have to carry all your bags.
Thank you and appreciated your response. will one person able to manage luggage's and child's to re-check?. In case if need any help in baggage , is it available ??
I arrive at BOSTON from Dubai(through Emirates) and have a connecting flight to Pittsburgh.
Do my checked in bags need to be re-checked in at Boston?
Yes, you have to claim your bags to take them through US Customs, then re-check them for your flight to Boston.
Sorry, rather in Boston for your flight to Pittsburgh.
I have a 8.5 hr layover in Boston before my flight to the UK. Are there lockers where luggage can be stored? I don't want to drag my luggage all over Boston in a cab.
I am a senior citizen accompanied with my spouse. Do I get a baggage trolley on arrival at Terminal E. Do I have to pay for it? If yes, then - How much?
They should be available for free in the International Baggage Claim.
Thanks, but I am told that the facility is chargeable.
Hi, I am arriving alone at Logan through Emirates with an infant and a 4 year old. Is it possible for my husband to meet us at the baggage arrival so he can help me with the suitcases and I can carry the pram?
No, that is not possible. Visitors are not allowed in the International baggage claim.
I am a first time international flyer,also travelling alone.I will fly from India to Boston via dubai (emirates) and Boston to detroit (jet blue)..all in one ticket/booking. I get only 2 hours for the next detroit flight Is that enough for customs clearance and check in?please help.I am travelling on April 1.I ll have 2 checked in luggage. Pls explain the procedure
I am arriving on Jet Blue (terminal C) and transferring to British Airways (terminal E) on March 31. I know that I will have to collect my bags in terminal C and make my way to terminal E to check in with BA. However, due to recent cancer surgery I am unable to lift my bags. I have asked both Jet Blue and British Airways for assistance, and both airlines have said they are unable to help me. I'm beginning to think I might have to offer a huge tip to a random stranger to help me get my bags from terminal C to E. Is there anything else you could recommend?
One clarification--these are two separate reservations, not on the same ticket.
I am arriving at 4:25 pm with Southwest (DFW - BWI - BOS) and connecting to TAP Portugal for Lisbon at 6:20 pm. I need to recheck my luggage. Is this doable?
That's barely possible if the Southwest flight is on-time and you hurry over to Terminal E to re-check your bags. Also, be aware that your Southwest flight will depart from Dallas Love Field, not DFW.