London City (LCY) Airport

London City LCY Airport Overview

London City Airport LCY serves primarily London's financial district. It is one of a growing breed of airports tailored specifically to meet the requirements of the business passenger who appreciates the reduced check-in time for departures, the quick retrieval of luggage, the swift passenger processing and the friendly attendant greeting.
Because of the Airport's close location to residential areas, flight operations are restricted Mon-Fri to 6:30am-10pm, and weekends to 12:30pm-10pm.
Due to its short take-off and landing runway, London City Airport is currently restricted to mid-sized aircraft.
LCY Airport is located in the Borough of Newham in East London, 11 km east of central London, England, and is accessible via the A1020 Royal Albert Way, the A1020 N. Woolwich Rd, and the A1011 Connaught Rd.
NOTE: in Feb. 2016, the Airport has been sold to private consortium 'OMERS'.

With one runway and yearly 4 million passengers a year (in 2016 4.5M)  London City Airport is served by British Airways and its affiliates, as well as by a number of European Airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

Parking facilities are available for short- and long-term parking.

London City Airport has one passenger terminal. 

Present & Future Airport Developments:   Business travelers may now tur to the new 'BizTweeds'. 
The ongoing expansion program will generate additional short-haul aviation, seven new aircraft stands, parallel taxiway and terminal extensions towards the east & west, and reach a yearly capacity of 6.5 million passenger annually. Tentative completion is scheduled for 2025.
A new runway is to become operational in the 'late 2020s'.

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