Banking / ATM Services at London City LCY Airport

ATM cash machines at LCY Airport are located throughout the terminal and accept most credit/ debit/ Switch cards,  and American Express:

(a) In the main terminal concourse: Two ATMs are located opposite the Information Desk on the ground floor in the concourse.
(b) directly outside WH Smith - withdraw Euros commission free from the Euro ATM
(c) in the Departures lounge, between the Travelex kiosk and the Information Desk.
(d) at the Arrivals Hall, just past the Travelex kiosk.

Currency Exchange at London City LCY Airport

At LCY Airport Travelex is available in the passenger terminal:
opposite the Information Desk in the terminal concourse, ground level;
in the Departures lounge,  next to Hughes & Hughes; and
in the International Arrivals Hall, to the right as you enter/

You can order your currency online or call +44 (0)20 7853 6500

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