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Hi I am getting a flight from Dublin to Heathrow then onto Bangkok. I arrive in terminal 2 and depart from terminal 2. It is booked under one ticket, will I have to go through security again and is 1 hour and 20 minutes enough time for this connection?
You will not have to go through security - just passport control and to your gate.
Do you think 1hr 20 mins is long enough for the connection? Thanks
Yes, that should be enough time.
Arriving BA#288 Term 3 from US at 1:20pm, connecting to AI#385 to SNN, Deoarting Term 2 at 3:15pm. Have checked bags. Do I need to collect them & recheck? Is this enough connection time?
Were your tickets purchased on one reservation or two separate reservations? Also AI is Air India.
I arrive at terminal 5 and leave from terminal7 we only have 1 hour connecting time is this sufficient and how do we connect do we walk or take bus
Heathrow does not have a Terminal 7.
We arrive in terminal 3 on American Airlines from Dallas and depart terminal 3 to Vienna on British Airways. Will one hour be long enough? Do we have to go through security before boarding?
It should be, just follow the purple signs for connecting flights and you'll just go thru security on the way.
That's pretty close but maybe checkout where you need to go before you get there to make sure you don't miss your connection. https://www.ebookers.com/travel-blog/top-cities/london/how-to-get-from-heathrow-airport-to-london/
Hello, I arrive from Rome and need to take a flight to Los Angeles. Both flights are operated by BA and to and from terminal 5. Do I go through security and passport control ? Is 1h 15 min enough? Thanks
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
No, you will have to go through security.
Transferring from T3 to T2. Separate airlines, separate tickets. Traveling from USA to Spain with stop-over at LHR. Carry-on from arriving flight, but will need to check a bag for departing flight. I have 2 1/2 hrs between flights. Will this be enough time? Thx!
Flying BA from USA, landing Terminal 5 and then leaving 2 hours later from Terminal 1 to Spain. All on one ticket with bags checked thru. Do I have to go thru customs on landing LHR or can I go directly to Terminal 1? Is 2 hours sufficient to make this transit?
You should be able to take a shuttle bus directly to Terminal 1. You should have enough time.
Terminal 1 is closed, I recently went to Barcelona with a stop at LHR and saw that T1 was no longer operational.
AA flight #46 ORD to LHR arriving @ 9:05.
TP flight #363 LHR to LIS departing @ 11:55 (separate tickets).
Transferring from T3 to T2.
Is this enough time with checked baggage?
I believe it will be difficult but I won't say it's completely impossible. I personally wouldn't try it.
Flying from O'Hare to Stockholm with a connection at Heathrow. Chicago flight lands at terminal 3, Stockholm flight departs from terminal 5. Connection time is 2:20. Same reservation, US Passport. Do I collect any checked bag and re-check or does the bag go straight through? Is 2:20 enough time with a checked bag? or should I do only carry-on (and practice sprinting)?
Your bags will go straight through and you can take a shuttle between terminals. you should have enough time.
2:20 is generally a good transit duration, saying from personal experience!
If I have no checked baggage, but a connecting flight ticketed on another carrier, can I use "purple" transit path and connecting bus?
Sorry, arriving from SFO on Virgin Atlantic, flying BA to Rome