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I arrive from Chicago in terminal 2 (UA) and, on a separate reservation, leave for Vienna from terminal 3 (BA)...if I have carry on, can I connect without exiting security
Hi. I am planning an anniversary trip for my parents the first week of September. Their flights are booked on a single ticket, and they will be departing Chicago on United Airlines with a scheduled arrival at LHR on 9/6/16 at 8:30 a.m. They will then have a 1 hr. 20 min. layover before they catch their next flight to Dublin at 9:50 a.m. on Aer Lingus. Is that enough time to make the connection? Or will they have to pick up their luggage and re-check it, as well as waiting in line to go through Security and Customs before boarding their connecting flight? Also, do you know which terminal they will arrive in and which terminal they will depart from? Any help, advice or clarification would be appreciated!
Are both tickets on the same reservation or two separate reservations? They will both arrive and depart from Terminal 2.
Yes it is all on the same reservation. Does that mean they will arrive and depart in terminal 2, and all they need to do is walk from one gate to another? Or will it be a tight timeline because they have to go through customs and security and other stuff?
They will arrive, go through Passport control, and go to their departure gate. They should have enough time.
Flying BA 197 IAH-LHR end of August. Been following performance of this flight and others in and out of LHR. The number of delayed flights in:out US is very high. I understand weather and LHR delays. My question is if I miss connect and BA can't get me to FCO as ticketed(purchased two one way tickets on AZ to PMO from FCO); if I purchased two oneway tickets from LHR to PMO turning down BA options would my return ticket cancelled? I love London, LHR is awful. This may be my last trip with BA. Two years ago our BA flight was delayed 24 hours and in 2012 same deal.
You will have to call British Airways and ensure that they do not cancel the remaining portion of your trip as you are getting alternate transportation to your final destination yourself due to the delay. They are generally fine with this if you notify them and you do not lose the return trip.
Is 1hr 40 mins enough to get a connecting flight in terminal 5 , will I just have to pass passport control or security also?
Thank you
Flying American Airlines and code share British Airways all on same Record Locator Flts 46 arrives 0905 am - 6576 departs 1050 am with checked bags. Will we need to clear customs and will gates be in same area easy to find. Any advice?
Where are you flying from and flying to?
Hello, my friend flies into terminal 2 and gets a connecting flight in terminal 5. Does anyone know if I can see him between this, or does he stay inside airport security? I wondered if I could meet him from Terminal 2 or 5. Thanks.
We are flying from Seattle to Heathrow on Delta and arrive at 3:05 pm. We have a separate ticket booked on British Air to Edinburgh that departs at 5:25 pm. Will it be possible to go thru customs and security and make this flight? If we switch to the 6:30 pm flight will we then have enough time, or do we need to change to the 8 pm? We are not planning to check bags.
With no checked bags I think you can make it if the Delta flight is on-time.
Hi, we are flying BA from Newcastle to LHR, landing at Terminal 5 then we have a flight from Terminal 2 with Air Canada. As they are different airline i know our hold luggage wont be automatically transfred so what i want to know is, do i collect my luggage then how do i make my way to Terminal 2 to check it all in for the next flight.
I will be arriving at LHR terminal4 from Doha-Qatar airways & departing to Los Angeles from terminal 3 American airlines, one ticket, 2 hrs time between flights, need to pass thru immigration? Indian citizen, USA visit visa holding.
I arrive into Heathrow Terminal 5 from Bangkok and leave from Terminal 2 to Dublin. one ticket, booked through a 3rd party website.
Do I have to go through customs/ passport control in Heathrow?
How do I find the airside transit that people have mentioned?
is 1hr 45mins enough?
I have 1 hour 40 minutes to change from t5 to t3 collect bags and recheck bags in is this anough time?