Parking Options at London Luton Airport

Parking options at London Luton Airport:  Note that unbiased consumer advisor 'Which?' considers Luton parking as 'best value'.
1. The Mid-Term Carpark offers 30 minutes free parking and a 2-minute free bus ride to the terminal; or
2. The Short-Term Carpark offers disabled parking for up to 60 minutes free; it is a 4-minute walk to the terminal. 
3. Priority Parking (cars cannot be left unnattended); it is a 2-minute walk to the terminal.

Parking Rates at LTN Airport

Short Term Parking
Rate: 24 hrs 36
30 mins 3.8
45 mins 6.5
1 hr 7.9
2 hrs 11
3 hrs 15
6 hrs 18
Mid Term Parking
Rate: each add day 19.5
30 mins free
45 mins 5.5
1 hr 7.9
24 hrs 19.5
Long Term Parking
Rate: daily 15.2

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