Parking Options at Long Beach Airport

If you need to pick up an arriving passenger at LGB Airport, use the free Cell Phone Lot, located at the corner of Lakewood Boulevard and Wardlow Road. Stay with your car until your party has collected baggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.   The LGB truck there is offering tasy treats.

Other parking options at Long Beach Airport:
Parking Garage A is across from the passenger terminal, with the rental car lot right next to it. Valet parking with free car wash is available opposite from the rental car lot.
Parking Garage B behind Garage A can be accessed from Donald Douglas Loop, crossing the LGB Park.
Parking fees:   All parking facilities offer the first 20 mins free; and charge hourly $2; up to a their individual daily max of:  $19 at Lot A, &  $17 at Lot B.  Valet parking is $24/day with free car wash.
Disabled parking
is available in all parking facilities at $11/day; a valid placard must be shown upon exiting.
All-electrical vehicles park free; Blink charging stationss are in Parking Lot B ($1/hr for members; $2/hr for guests)

For more parking information call either Airport Parking Information Line (562) 570-2683; or ABM System Parking (562-377-6116).

Parking Rates at LGB Airport

Description:(562) 570-2683
Cell Phone Lot
Description:You can find The Cell Phone Lot is located on the northeast corner of Lakewood Boulevard and Wardlow Road.
Parking A
Rate: 20 mins free
1 day $19
1 hr $2
Rate: 20 mins free
1 day $24
1 hr $2
Parking B
Rate: 20 mins free
1 day $17
1 hr $2

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