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Any coupons for reduced rates at ISPParking?
I understand that I can park in short term but be charged long term fee I will be out of town 7days is this the cheapest alternative for parking.? How far amore I from the terminal?
Can my husband drop me off at terminal? Recently broke ankle and can't walk too far yet.
Of course he can drop you off at the curb and then go park and meet you. However, he can't leave his car at the curb to walk you in.
my flight lands at 12:10 AM. Unless this crew is based in ISP (which I didn't think any were) they are staying at the Clarion. Global Airport Parking is at the Clarion but the shuttle stops running at 11:45 PM. Has anyone taken the shuttle from the last flight? I don't want to get stuck paying a cab along with parking.
Why don't you just call the Clarion and ask?
I did just that and they told me that the policy was strict. I asked what the crew did... he said they take a cab! Crap. Anybody on that flight the night of Jan 31/Feb ! that wants to split a cab? :)