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So, I have a trip from Sydney, AUS to LAX to ATLANTA to San Jose, Costa Rica. The thing is that my connection LAX to Atlanta is just 2h10min to get out from the plane, imigration, get the bags (I will have a oversized bag -longboard), go to costums, drop off bags and go to my terminal. Any tips to help me with this mission?
It is enough time if everything goes smoothly. Note that you will arrive in the International Terminal and depart from Terminal 5.
Is 4:30 am ok arrival time for a 6:00 flight?Trixie
It should be.

Any idea why lazy
X is on a ground hold right now
I will be arriving at LAX to attend a conference, I will be in early before the shuttles start. Is there anything like a restaurant available at the terminal 7 baggage claim? Or are they all within the secured area?
The Terminal 7 baggage claim is a crowded space that barely has enough room for the baggage carousels. There isn't even really anywhere to wait there.
I am flying out on Southwest tomorrow at 6. IFly's estimated time shows only that the wait is longer than 21 minutes. Any idea what a realistic time frame is?
Try to arrive by at least 4:30, preferably closer to 4.
What are the Hours of the 1st Class Lounge At LAX? Where is it located?
What airline? What Terminal? You have to be more specific
American, I think Terminal 6.
No American flights that give you access to a first class lounge depart from Terminal 6. Where are you flying?
Also it's overnight flight to CLT.
That is all domestic. Unless you are an Admirals Club member you don't get lounge access from that ticket, even if you buy First Class.
I am looking at an itinerary. For my budget I must use two separate tickets. I leave BNA Nashville and arrive at LAX at 9:55am. The flight to Tokyo leaves at 1:10pm. I feel this is plenty of time, but I also feel that everything needs to run smoothly as well. Any tips or advisories to any current situations I should be aware of that make this risky? I've taken this route before and everything went smoothly. Except last time my layover was 8 hrs and I was bored as heck because I couldn't check in until 2 hrs before departure.
THat should be enough time. What airlines are you flying?
Thanks for replying. I'm not 100% sure just yet. Most like United (or perhaps ANA) from LAX to NRT. From Nashville most likely Delta or perhaps American Airlines. I feel its enough time. I just worry about a unforeseen mechanical delay or perhaps something weather related in Tennessee. I understand the weather is near perfect in LA that time of year.
On the tarmac in SLC and pilot shuts down engine bc ground stop. 🤔
Hi, Im flying Toronto YYZ to Melbourne MEL with a stopover in LAX for 3.5hrs. Do I need to go through USA immigration and customs, get my luggage and check in at the counters in LAX for the journey to MEL, or will my luggage be booked through to MEL from YYZ and I won't have to go through border control in the US? Im on an Australian passport.
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. You won't have to do anything with your bags in LAX if both flights are on the same reservation. What airlines are you flying?
Flying Air NZ.
Sorry, Air Canada to LAX and then Air NZ to MEL.
will 45 mins be enough time to change from a United Vancouver -lax to lax - Houston flight assuming the flight is on time. am using points so i have little control over which flights i take. thank you
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 7/8.