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I have a tight connection in LA. I have to go through TSA passenger screening in the Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal. I am thinking it would take about 10 mins. How long would the TSA passenger screening take?
I have a flight from Vancouver, Canada to Lima, Peru. I am connecting in Los Angeles. I will be flying on Air Canada for the YVR-LAX flight and Latam Airlines for the LAX-LIM flight. My plane arrives from Vancouver at 12:03pm and departs for Lima at 14:05pm. How much time do i have to connect? Is it enough? What will I have to do once arriving in LAX? I would appreciate if someone could get back to me. Thx :)
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
Hello. I'm flying the above route all on United with a 55 min layover in ORD, and a 44 min layover at LAX. Will we clear customs in CLE and just be able to get right on the flight at LAX or do we clear there before SYD?
My mother is flying from Toronto (clears US customs there) to terminal 2 at LAX. She then takes a connecting flight to Lihue, Kauai from terminal 7. It is all on one ticket. She will check bags in Toronto. I believe she will have to leave the TSA secured area to get from terminal 2 to terminal 7, correct? Will she have to claim & recheck her bags or will they be checked through to her final destination from Toronto. Thanks for your help!
Yes, she will have to go through security again in T7. She doesn't have to do anything with her bags.
We are flying from vegas landing with AA in terminal 4 to PAL in international to Philippines. Traveling with a 4 year and saw some videos there is a new connection that you just walkthrough. my question is do you still have to go through security again or can you just go to the gate? Bought through Expedia so will american airlines take our bags to the airline or do we have to go out and pick up?.
If your bags are checked through (they should be) then you can just walk through the connector building to your departure gate without having to go through security.
Will 2 hours and 40 minutes be enough time to get from an Air New Zealand flight (Terminal B) to a Southwest flight (Terminal 1) booked under separate reservations (10:30 AM arrival, 1:10 PM departure)? Any tips to navigate between terminals quickly?
Should be sufficient, but I wouldn't cut it any closer than you have. You should be able to clear immigration and customs in an hour (one hour twenty minutes worst case scenario). Outside the international terminal is a free Airline Connection bus that moves counterclockwise through the airport, stopping at each of the nine terminals.

IF you are on a joint ANZ/SW ticket, your bags will be tagged to your final destination, and you may leave them at a Connecting Baggage counter just outside of Customs, before you enter the lobby. If you have two entirely separate tickets, the Connections counter may not be able to help you, in which case you'll need to carry your checked bags on to the Connections Bus to Terminal 1. If check-in in NZ can only tag your bags as far as LAX, then you'll need to move your bags yourself (an alternative is to use a luggage trolley from International and just walk to Terminal 1). If ANZ can tag your bags to your final US destination, you will be able to leave them at the Airline Connections desk just outside of Customs. You would then proceed with cabin bag(s) only to Terminal 1. If you have to move your checked luggage to T1, bear in mind you are eligible to use curbside check-in on upper level, since you are flying domestically at that point. This can save time over counter check-in; it is customary to tip $1-2 per checked bag (welcome to America...). Usually the curbside baggage desk can issue you your boarding pass; if not, you can use a kiosk inside and then proceed to security and your gate.
ps: from International to Terminal 1 is a fairly long walk, but if you are able-bodied you could do it in fifteen minutes. Since you are on two separate tickets, you will have to clear immigration/customs, then move your bags (checked and cabin) to T1 either with the free bus or using a luggage trolley from the International baggage claim. Walking with a trolley may be faster/easier than boarding a bus with baggage. Remember, you will arrive on lower level, but you want to be on the upper level of T1 to check-in at Southwest. THere are several elevators in the lower level lobby (outside security) of International that you can use to reach upper level. Then turn left heading clockwise around the terminal, you will reach T3, T2, and then T1. To save time, use the curbside check in to check bags. Costs $5 in tips but worth it for time saved. You cannot use curbside to check in for international flights, but at that point you will be a domestic passenger and are allowed to use curbside check-in.

The International terminal has an Airline Connections desk where you drop off your checked bags post-Customs IF you are on a joint ticket, say ANZ to United. I don't think you can use this desk if you are on two separate tickets.

Terminals 4-5-6-7-8 are all connected airside via a network of tunnels, but it doesn't help passengers using T1-2-3, and arriving from overseas you are forced out of security after customs (reason: you had potential access to restricted items in your checked luggage during Customs, so you have to be cleared again through security, even if the second flight departs from the same terminal)
Southwest doesn't interline bags with other airlines. You will have to transfer them yourself.
Hi: I will be arriving LAX from Tokyo on Singapore Airlines at 1.30pm, connecting with Southwest to LIT at 2.40pm. Is this enough time since they are separate reservations? Thank you.
Most likely NO. Customs/immigration can take an hour or more, especially if lots of non-English speaking passengers arrive all at once (e.g. flights from mainland China). If you are on a joint ticket, you can leave your checked bags at the Airline Connections desk outside of Customs. If you are using two separate tickets, you have to move the bags yourself to Terminal 1, either by walking with a luggage trolley, using the free Airline Connections bus, or a taxi. It's a 15 minute walk. You may use curbside check-in on upper level to check bags and save time. I would strongly advise that you try to obtain a reservation on a later Southwest flight. 2 1/2 to 3 hours is safer if you are on two separate tickets.
You will have to take your bags to T1 yourself. Southwest doesn't interline bags. You don't have enough time.
Hi: I should be able to change to the 3.35pm flight, so it will be 2 hours transfer. Do you think this is enough time if I just have a carry-on instead? Thank you.

Anyone know if I missed a flight during the short connection in LAX, is there any charges to connect to the next available flight? I am flying AA international change to AA domestic in LAX.
Usually, if you had an "approved" connection (your ticket meets AA's minimum approved connection time), you are covered in the event you miss your connection, and they will try to rebook you on a later flight at the same price. American's international flights and domestic flights use the same Terminal 4. After you clear immigration and customs, you head upstairs (elevator or escalator) to security and your gate.
AA international flights from Australia arrive in the International terminal and many AA domestic flights use Terminal 6.
Hello, two of us will be flying from Santa Rosa to LAX. Ultimately, we need to get to terminal 1 to board a completely separate flight on Southwest. We can fly into LAX on American (T4) or Alaska Airlines (T6), both will arrive same time. Which terminal will allow me to get to terminal one in the shortest amount of time? We will only have carryon baggage but will have to go through security again. Thank you!
Only Alaska flies from Santa Rosa to LAX. The flight you are seeing on American is the exact same flight. It arrives in Terminal 6.
Okay, thanks! I kind of wondered and thought that to be the case as it Didn't seem feasible to have two flights from such a small airport.
There is a free Airlines Connection bus that moves counterclockwise through the terminal, stopping at all terminals.
Flying into LAX from Australia & would like to connect to United to fly to NY leaving at 12.05pm. Will this be enough time? Where do we need to go to connect please
I don't know. What time are you arriving? What airline are you arriving on?
Flying from Mel - LA with Virgin International.
G'day. You didn't indicate your arrival time into LAX or state if you are flying on a combined ticket or two separate tickets. You will arrive at TBIT (Tom Bradley Int'l. Terminal). You clear immigration and customs. At this point there are two scenarios:
1. You have a joint Virgin/United ticket and your bag tags say "EWR" (Newark). You proceed to Airline Connections desk and leave your checked luggage with them. OR
2. You have two separate tickets. In this case, you have to transfer your bags yourself and check in again at United Terminal 7+8.
If it's #1, you can board a free bus (Airline Connections) to take you to T7+8. If it's #2, you can board the bus, but you may find it easier to just walk (turn RIGHT upon leaving TBIT) to T7+8. To save time, consider using curbside check in at United on the UPPER (departures) level. You can skip the queue at the check-in counter, and they can issue you a boarding pass. It is customary to tip the guys $2/piece of luggage checked, but well worth the money. Then go directly to security and then to your gate.