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How easy is it to arrive at lax with delta and transfer with delta to Maui
Oops forgot
I have 1 hour between flights
Delta runs a shuttle inside security between all their gates if you need to change terminals. Otherwise you just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you so much
2 separate booked tickets. I get my baggage in Terminal 4 A AA and proceed to walk to Terminal 2 to check baggage and then proceed to TB. Plenty of time. Just walk on side walk to Terminal 2 ? I'm sure that is plenty of time to do this. Also, on way back arrive 7am LA and connect Delta flight at 10:30 am again.. plenty of time to do customs and recheck bags on Delta? Never booked separate flights. Thanks!
Can I stay inside security from AA to Virgin Australia? or do I just have to collect baggage and go outside and recheck and go threw security again? Thanks Best way to do this?
Virgin Australia does not use Terminal 2. You should have enough time on your return. On your way to Australia you will have to claim your bags from AA and re-check them with Virgin Australia.
They sent email saying that for now you go to check in at terminal 2 and proceed to International TB for depature? I know they use to be at terminal 3? Yeah.. hope my flight is on time from Miami to LA I guess I best just call them?
Actually yes, that is correct, their Check-in has moved to Terminal 2. https://www.virginaustralia.com/us/en/experience/at-the-airport/airport-guides/international/los-angeles/
In early September, I'm arriving into the LAX International terminal on Virgin Australia with a checked bag. Then I catch a Delta domestic flight in terminal 2. All booked on one ticket.
After clearing customs, where do I recheck my bag?
Can I avoid going through security again to get from the place I re-check my bag to terminal 2? How?
Thank you!
I'm doing exactly the same this in early August and am also a bit anxious! Let's hope wait times at immigration and customs are not crazy!
Booked on one ticket, just go threw customs and recheck bag. easy.. stay inside and won't have to do security again.
Tina, can you be more specific about where to recheck the bag and how to get from terminal to terminal? Thank you!
3 yrs ago did that flight and there was a counter right outside of customs to recheck because you booked all the way threw. Then you just walk to your new gate. Just stay inside and do not go outside or you will have to do security again. We made that mistake on the way to Australia trying to find the gate.
Thanks for the info on re-checking the bag, Tina.

Still looking for very specific info on how to get terminal to terminal. From T3 to T2 last night, took a Delta shuttle bus to stay within security. Does one have to take a bus, or can they walk from International to T2?
Tina is incorrect. Any time you enter the country and go through Customs you have to go through Security afterwards. Delta runs a shuttle bus inside security from T3 to T2 and the TBIT. The best way is to just re-check your bag at the re-check desk right after you clear customs, then walk to T2 and go through security there.
Thanks so much, ZAP. I was hoping you would chime in.
Hi, I see terminal connectors between all terminal 4,5 & 6 in the airport map. Are these connectors located inside of security? The worst case, I have to move from terminal 4 to terminal 6 to catch my next flight within less than an hour and wonder I have to go through security check again between those terminals.
Yes, they are underground pedestrian tunnels that run inside security.
Arriving Southwest 09:30 1 checked bag, departing Philippine Airlines 12:30 is this enough time and best way to get from terminal to International terminal
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I arrive on a domestic Delta flight and have 58 minutes to get to my international flight. This was sold to me as one ticket on Deltas website. Is this enough time?
Yes, that is enough time. All Delta gates are connected inside security by shuttle buses.
Arriving at 10:55 am to LAX from Haneda (Japan). Flight from LAX-PHX leaves at 12:45pm. I know I have to go through customs/immigration and security again - is this enough time? Both flights AA.
That's barely enough time if everything goes perfectly and everything is on the same reservation.
Hi, I'm connecting in LAX from Atlanta to Vancouver BC. No checked bags just carry on luggage. I have 1hour and 50 min. Is there any reason to worry about making my flight or any tips on what to expect?
If everything is on the same reservation that is enough time.

I am traveling from San Diego to Maui through Delta airlines. My flight dl5680 leaves San Diego at 4:20 pm and reaches LAX at 5:15 pm and my connecting flight from LAX to Maui is at 5:59 pm. My question is that is 44 minutes at LAX is sufficient to catch the flight to Maui?

Yes, that is possible but doesn't leave much time to spare if the first flight is delayed.
Is there a way to move between terminal 2 & 3 inside of security? We have a 1 hour layover between Delta flights.
Delta runs a shuttle bus in between Terminals 2 and 3 inside security.