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Arriving Air Tahiti Nui 11 am from Tahiti, flight out on Delta to ATL to RSW has been changed to leave at 1 pm allowing only two hours. Party of 5, sitting in business on incoming flight, use mobile passport. Delta has no other viable options unless we want to sit in LAX for 12 hours.

Do I have to leave secure area and go back through security or can we drag bags from customs to gate and gate check them without having to go through security?

Will two hours be enough time?

If I change to an AA flight can I check bags directly through?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.
Yes, when you clear customs you will be outside security and will have to take them to the Delta Check in Desk in Terminal 2/3 to re-check them. You probably don't have enough time unless the flight from Tahiti arrives early. Air Tahiti Nui does not check bags through unless all flights are booked on the same reservation.
Arriving at LAX at 3:10 pm on KE international flight. Will I be able make AA domestic flight at 4:35 pm? No bags. Thanks!
With no bags you maybe have a chance if everything went perfectly, but I wouldn't bet on it.
I have a flight from cancun back to LAX arriving at 830p. I have a flight at 10.15 LAX to LAS. Will I have enough time? And where will I clear customs at? Does southwest terminal 1 have customs ?
Terminal 1 does not have Immigration and Customs. You will have to go through Immigration and Customs in the International Terminal. You have just enough time.
I called SWA and they said they have there own baggage carousel and customs in T1? I am confused now.
How much time do I need to connect from a domestic flight on Delta to a LATAM flight to Cuz and how much time do I need on the return to clear customs and check in with a connecting flight on Delta once again? I will have two separate tickets with checked baggage both directions.
I would want 3 hours on the way there and 3.5 hours on the way back.
Hi, I'll be arriving from Orlando at 9:25p on Delta, and leaving for Fiji at 11:30p. Do I have to go through security again if I just have carry on, and is that enough time or how many hours in between flights should I allot.
On the return flight to LAX, if the arrival is 1:25pm then is it possible to make a 3:30pm American Airlines departure to Orlando?
Thanks a lot for your assistance!
Yes, you have to exit security to get your Fiji Airways boarding pass at the Fiji Airways check-in desk at the International Terminal. I don't recommend that connection on the return flight. You have just enough time on the way there.
We are flying on American airlines FF miles and connecting from domestic to international flight on AirBerlin in LAX. I am assuming we can check bags all the way through but once we arrive in LAX is there a way to connect to the International Terminal without leaving the secure area? I know there is a ton of construction currently.
Yes, you can walk from your arrival gate in T4 or 5 to the International Terminal inside security via the new connector building if your bags are checked through.
I am Canadian and will fly from HKG to Vancouver connecting through LAX. I will be flying in through CX arriving at TBIT and connecting to UA (T7). I understanding I will need to collect my bags, clear immigration and customs. Is it true that I do not need to go through security again as there are now tunnels? I believe I qualify for APC so that should be quicker, right? Is 2 hours 20 minutes enough? Is the sequence, clear immigration, collect bag, clear customs, check in at UA counter, then run to my gate? Will I be carrying my luggage through from TBIT to T7 as that should be where the UA bag check would be?

Apologies for the abundance of questions. I feel a bit nervous about the time
You will be outside security after you clear customs. Also if you are on two separate reservations you have to take your bags to the United Check-in Counter to re-check them with United. You have less time than I recommend for such a connection.
Hi! I'm traveling to Costa Rica with a layover in LAX with separate tickets from Seattle to LAX and from LAX to Costa Rica. When arriving in LAX, do I need to go back through security? I won't be checking a bag and both of my flights are Delta.
Yes, in LAX you will have to go through security after clearing customs to access your departure gate.
Sorry, I misunderstood. On the way TO Costa Rica you will not have to go through security.
Hi we land in LAX from Cancun at 11:00 AM going through customs will we have enough time to catch a domestic flight at 2:40 from LAX to Oakland ?
Yes, that should be enough time, even if it's two separate reservations.
United has us booked with a 30 min connection between United flights in LAX. Is that doable?
Yes, that's possible if the flight from Newark is on-time. All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate and all United gates at LAX are walkable within 5-10 minutes.