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I am trying to buy my ticket to Thailand. I will be flying with Volaris from Mexico into LAX terminal 2 arriving 7:18pm I have to go through customs, get my bag, go to Tom Bradley terminal check in with Philippine airline for the flight leaving at 11 pm. Will this be enough time to connect flights? Thanks in advance
Yes, that is enough time.
Flying in from Australia on Virgin Australia at 0655am and looking at booking a flight for 1120am on Southwest to San Francisco. Will this be long enough connection time
no problems -- we've arrived LAX on the same Virgin Australia flight and made onward connections on SW in less time
Thanks, I was looking at a shorter time but thought I wouldn't risk it. I will go ahead and book that flight. thanks for your help
I have a domestic flight via Delta from DTW arriving in LAX at 10:10pm booked separate from my international flight out by Cathay Pacific at 11:55am. I try thru checked luggage from DTW.I am not US citizen . Will that be enough time if
1. I no need baggage check?
2. I have to do baggage check again?
sorry Cathay pacific 11.55 PM.
Delta won't check your bags through to Cathay. This connection is very difficult, nearing impossible.
Thanks on your response. I asked Delta in Facebook messenger said Delta has Electronic Ticketing Agreements (IET) with Cathay Pacific
then I can Request Through baggage check from DTW.

Whoever answered your question isn't up on current policy. Delta won't check bags through to airlines that aren't SkyTeam partners if the two tickets are on separate reservations.
Sirs, How about if I change to AA arrives LAX 9.43 PM?
I am looking at booking a flight and the cheapest option is American but the layover at LAX is only 38 minutes. Both flights are domestic and both will be on American. Not sure if we will have to switch terminals or not. Is 38 minutes enough time? The next option is quite a bit more money.
You may or may not have to change terminals. Where are you flying from and to?
From St. Louis headed to Maui. Thanks!
That is just enough time if the flight from St. Louis is on-time. Both flights will probably be in Terminal 4.
I land at 8 pm on WOW Air and need to catch a 11 PM United flight to San Diego. Will I make it, if I need to check a bag on WOW?
Yes, that should be enough time if the WOW flight is on-time or close to it. You will have to transfer your bags yourself to Terminal 7 to re-check them with United.
I will be flying in from Houston on Southwest Airlines arriving at 8:25 am on March 7 in Terminal 1 with a connecting flight in Terminal 2 to Honolulu leaving at 10:00 am on Hawaiian Airlines. Will I have enough time to make it between these terminals? I'm freaking out. Please let me know if this is enough time?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time, especially if you have no checked baggage.
Hi, I'm non-US citizen with ESTA. I'm on a flight with international arrival at 6:50 in LAX TBIT and will be connecting a flight to ATL with AA at 10:30.. Will I have enough time for the connecting fight? I think I need to go through the customs and claim my bag and then check in & do security check to AA domestic flight..
Yes, that should be enough time.
i am foreigner i would be arriving from mexico by UA business class at 12.15 pm terminal 4. need to catch etihad flght to mumbai business class at 4.30 pm terminal B...is it possible ??
United doesn't use Terminal 4. United uses terminals 7 and 8. Please double check your reservation. Where in Mexico are you coming from? Are both flights on the same reservation or two separate reservations? You should have enough time.
Hello! I am flying from London and landing in LAX at 16:10, my next flight leaves at 18:00 with a different airline. I need to pick up my luggage and check it in. Will it be enough time? Thank you!
I am not american and I need to go through costumes and everything
What airlines?
Landing with Norwegian, leaving with Delta
I also can fly with AA and have 2 hours 15 minutes. But it is a bit more expensive
Both connections will be very difficult. I think the Norwegian one would be particularly difficult, but I personally would not try anything under 3 hours.
I am flying into LAX from Cape Town via DOHA on Qatar Airlines (seemingly arriving at terminal 2).
I have a connecting flight to Honolulu 1 hour 25 minutes later scheduled on Delta (seemingly from terminal 5).
Is that enough time, or should I rather take the next flight to Honolulu on American that would give me an extra 2 hours?... but then 3h25 at LAX in transit!
That's not realistically enough time. You need the 3 hr 25 minutes.