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We are a family of 4 (2 kids, 2 adults) flying American Airlines from MIA to SFO, with a LAX connection of 50 minutes on a week day.
Flight 1352 from MIA arrives at LAX at 10:08 AM and flight 6017 to SFO leaves at 11:00 AM.
We do have checked luggage, will this 50 minutes be enough time?.
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
arriving on EVA Business class (but checked luggage) into LAX at 2125 from TPE
have global entry and so also TSA pre-check, but still have to pick up a checked bag
any possibility to make a Southwest Airlines connection at 2230?
No, even with all that I don't think it's enough time. You won't make it to T1 with your bag before the bag check cutoff.
Tom Brady to Terminal 1 to catch a flight to LAS. I'll be arriving (LAX) at 5:50pm from Gatwick with only a carry on backpack. LAS flight leaves at 8:50pm. Enough time?
Yes, that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Check in online for your Southwest flight before leaving the UK.
I fly in on Alaska Air from ANC to LAX, then I switch over to American Airlines to DFW. Do I need to exit security from either terminal 3 or 6 to get to AA's terminal 4?
You will arrive in Terminal 6. It is connected inside security via tunnels to Terminal 4 or 5 where your AA flight will depart.
Hi, I am flying AA and have to connect to another AA to DFW and there is only 40 min. between landing the first flight and the second one taking off. We will have carry on only will we make it?
It's possible if the first flight is on-time.
Hi I am tying to plan our flight schedule to LAX on October 5 to connect with a Fiji airways flight that will be departing at 11:30pm. How many hours should I give to arrive in time? I'm sure we will be rechecking luggage and probably security again. We will be flying in on American Airlines. If I go ahead and book the flight arriving at 6:45 pm will that allow plenty of time ?
Yes, that's plenty of time.
I am landing in terminal 6 on an alaska flight from Seattle. I have two hours from when I land to when my Norwegian flight departs from Terminal B. They're two separate tickets, so I have to get my bags in terminal 6. How long does that usually take - should I have enough time?
You have barely enough time if everything goes perfectly. It's really risky with checked bags.
I booked a flight from SJC to LAX, and another flight from LAX to CUN on the same day. The LAX to CUN flight is through Aeromexico, and I won't have any checked bags. Will I have to go through security again? Thanks.
What airline are you flying into LAX?
Flying into LAX from SJC on Southwest.
Yes, you will have to go through security again in Terminal 2.
Have short connect thru LAX June 8. Have carry on only. Want advice on quickest way from
Terminal 5 to Terminal 2. Most on line info is out of date. AA says I do not have to go thru
security at terminal 2 because I have carry on only. Not counting on that advice. Connecting
from AA to Westjet to Canada. Any current advice appreciated. Walking works for me. Thanks.
You will have to go through security again in Terminal 2. There is no inside security connection from Terminal 5 to 2. (well there is, but it's really obscure and difficult) How short is your connection?
Thanks. At least I have TSA Pre. Have just over an hour assuming incoming flight
is on time. Best way from 5 to 2 as best I can tell is to follow sidewalk at ground level
thru the parking garage area. Distance doesn't seem a problem but one site says there's construction which disrupts both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Doesn't give advice on how to avoid which is why I've posted this. Again thanks.
hi I have a flight booked Sydney-LA arriving LA 6:15am DEC 2nd. I want to get the connecting flight to Costa Rica on Alaska Airlines which departs at 8:15am. Will I have enough time if I check in online from Sydney before I leave? I will have luggage. Thanks
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Hi sorry just realised the flight gets in at 6:00am not 6:15.. takes the layover to 2hrs 15mins.. still too tight you think? Thanks