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  • Terminal 6 to International
    Jan 31, 2016
    Is this possible? Arrive terminal 6 from YYZ 9pm, depart Bradley Int'l at 10:30pm Fiji. Fiji airways has said the check in closes 1 hr before the flight. We have only carry on


    You will have to hope your flight from Toronto is on-time and hurry. You will have to get your Fiji Airways boarding passes from the Fiji Airways check-in counter and go through security.


    Can that be done in 30 minutes? if we're past that we cant get on the flight even if we check in onlne


    It's possible but doesn't leave much time if there are any delays. It appears Fiji Airways has recently added online check in capabilities. That would definitely help if you are able to check in online.


  • Terminal 6 to Terminal B
    Jan 31, 2016
    I fly into terminal 6 & leaving out of terminal B. How far is it to walk or is there shuttle service? Also, does anyone know if I go through customs again? Thanks


    Absolutely definitely walk. There is no US Customs when exiting the US but you will have to go through security again in the International Terminal.


  • lax terminal B to lax terminal 1
    Jan 31, 2016
    Hi there im travelling into LAX tomorrow afternoon from london heathrow, with american airlines,arriving terminal B my flight arrives at 2.55pm local time i have an option to book a connecting flight to las vegas with american airlines at 4.35pm from terminal 1would this be enough time ?? would appreciate any feed back on this regards jamie


    No American Airlines flights from London arrive in the International Terminal. American Airlines also does not use Terminal 1. Terminal 1 is Southwest Airlines. Also, that wouldn't be enough time.


  • 3 hour transfer from Virgin Australia to AereoMexico, is it possible?
    Jan 30, 2016
    Hi, I am wondering if a 3.5 hour connection is enough at LAX Airport. *I am arriving Saturday 6.30 AM from Sydney (Virgin Australia), departing 10.00 AM to Mexico City (AereoMexico). *Also any tips on how to get from one terminal to the other? can I walk to should I catch a bus or train? Thanks!


    You should walk between terminals. There are no trains at LAX. You should have enough time.


  • SFO to LAX / LAX to SYD
    Jan 31, 2016
    We have a flight from SFO arriving at LAX at 8:18PM at Terminal 5 with Delta, and the flight to Sydney with Virgin Australia departs Terminal 3 at 10:35PM. Should this be sufficient time? I've also heard that Virgin Australia actually departs from Tom Bradley, while check-in is at Terminal 3. Is this correct, and what is the best way to make our way from Terminal 5 to Terminal 3 or Tom Bradley (whichever is correct)? Both flights are on the same ticket, so, I believe our luggage should be checked in from SFO through to Sydney, and we are non-US citizens. Thanks for your help!


    Yes, that is correct. If your bags are checked through to Australia and you have your Virgin Australia boarding pass you can proceed directly to the International Terminal and go through security. You have plenty of time. It's an easy walk.


    Thanks so much, ZAP! How about if you are going from an international flight arriving at Tom Bradley, and need to make a connection flight which will depart from Terminal 5? Would 2 hours to be too tight of a squeeze, with the need to go through Immigration/Customs? Also, for a domestic to international flight, would we need to pick up luggage at LAX to go through Customs, before going through to the international flight?


    On an International to domestic, 2 hours would be just enough time. On Domestic to International as long as your bags are checked through you don't have to do anything with them at LAX. There is no US Customs when exiting the US.


    Thanks so much for your help, ZAP! Really appreciate it! :)


  • Change Over Time
    Mar 3, 2016
    Hi flying from London Heathrow to Honolulu via LAX with United all the way but only got 1hr 15 minutes in between flights. Airline says this is enough time but as i'm not a US citizen wondering if this will be enough tie to do everything. Appreciate any thoughts.


    What airlines are you flying?


    United was the one I looked up now


    Then that is doable. You will arrive and depart in Terminal 7 and the immigration facility in Terminal 7 is rarely crowded. You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US CUstoms, re-check your bags at the re-check desk and go through security. If the flight from London is on-time, I think it's doable.


    sorry, this one was not from me and a mistake:)


    Thanks sorry for the late reply - broken foot got in the way - hopefully this will be OK we are now flying United Business/First so hopefully there is a priority security line at T7? which would really help with priority baggage claim as well. Best Wishes!!!


    Yes, there is a priority security line in Terminal 7.


    Many Thanks!


  • honolulu - nyc connection and change of terminal at LAX
    Jan 30, 2016
    Hi, I'm not a US citizen but will arrive from Honolulu at 7.45 am and the next flight to NYC departs 1 hour later, at 8.45. I will have checked bags.Also says I will need to change terminal. United suggests this connection. Will one hour be enough? Do I need to do any immigration stuff or is that not needed if flying within the us (and hawaii then) since I will already have made those a couple of weeks earlier? Thanks


    Hawaii, California, and New York are all in the US, so there's no immigration. If both flights are on United then there's no terminal change needed - both flights will be on Terminal 7. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


    thanks! however, it said on the travel details that terminal change was required but then it's not? and one hour is enough then is staying in the same terminal?


    Yes, 1 hour is enough.


    from what I can see, united departs from terminals 6,7 and 8


    United no longer uses Terminal 6.


  • is 2 hours enough time to connect from istanbul?
    Jan 28, 2016
    My flight from Istanbul arrives at 9:55 PM and the connecting flight to Portland departs at 11:55 PM. I'll be traveling light with only carry on luggage so the biggest obstacle will be going through immigration. Is 2 hours enough time? Connecting to Alaskan at terminal 6. Its the last flight available, otherwise I'll be camping in the airport overnight or getting a hotel


    With carry-on only I think you can make it, especially if you check in online for your Alaska flight before leaving Turkey.


  • Terminal 6 to Terminal 2
    Jan 28, 2016
    I arrive at 10:42 AM at terminal 6 and need to get to Terminal 2 . What is the fastest way to make the connection and how long should it take? I see from the map that that terminals are across from each other. Can I cut across or do I have to follow the sidewalk around if you suggest walking?


    Yes, you can cut straight across the parking garages. It would take 10-15 minutes depending on how fast you walk.


  • Clearing immigration and Delta connecting flight
    Jan 29, 2016
    I will arrive on April 7 by PAL and still need to clear immigration. MY connecting flight to Tucson is thru DELTA. I only have less than 2 hours to do my task. Is is enough time?


    It's possible but leaves no time to spare if there are any delays in immigration, on your PAL flight, or getting your bags.


    I will travel light so I wont have a check in baggage. Would I still need to go thru the baggage check?


  • MEL to LAX to MEX
    Jan 28, 2016
    I have a flight that arrives in LAX from Melbourne, Australia at 7:00 and then have a connecting flight to Mexico City at 8:35. Both flights are with United. Is 1hr35 enough time to get through customs and security? Any tips on ways to get through quicker?


    It's possible but leaves no time to spare as you will arrive in the International terminal and depart from Terminal 7. You will have to run or at least power walk between them to make your connection.


    Roughly how long does it take to get through customs and security? I have an Australian passport. Any tips on getting through quicker and not encountering any delays?


    Will I have to collect my checked-in luggage? Or will it go straight through to Mexico City?


    Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, run to Terminal 7, and go through security. As I said, you barely have enough time.


  • changing airlines
    Jan 27, 2016
    flying in on united from australia and changing to delta do can we get to the gate without going outside


    No, you will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then follow the signs for passengers ending their trip in LA, go outside and walk to your right and take your bags to Terminal 5, the second building you will come to, then go in and re-check your bags with Delta and go through security. You need at least 2.5 hours for your connection.


    thank you


  • Is terminal 4 and 5 connected without exit?
    Jan 27, 2016
    I will fly from San Jose CA and transfer to Mexico in LAX with 1 hour 20 mins between my next flight. My flight from delta with arrive in terminal 5, then transfer to AA at terminal 4. Is any one can tell me if I need to exit and recheckin again by go though security? I won't have checkin luggage..


    Without checked luggage you do not have to exit security. There is a tunnel connecting Terminal 4 and 5 inside security. However, if you are unable to check in online for your AA flight, you will have to go to a counter to get your boarding pass in LAX.


    thanks so much for your quick response.. I will checkin online and get boarding pass before..


  • Domestic to International Connection
    Jan 27, 2016
    Hi, I have an American Airlines flight landing at 15:44 from San Diego to LAX, then need to connect to another American Airlines flight to London Heathrow at 18:00. Is this enough time? Will I have to retrieve my bags and recheck them in again? Which terminals would be involved? Thanks!


    Also I am a british citizen/


    You won't have to do anything with your bags in LAX. You will arrive in the American Eagle remote terminal and depart from terminal 4. There is a bus that runs inside security directly from the remote terminal to Terminal 4. You have plenty of time.


  • Connection TIming
    Jan 26, 2016
    If I book a flight that arrives LAX on United at 9:17, and I have a 10 am flight on Hawaiian, is that enough time to walk from terminal 7 to terminal 2 if I don't check my bags?


    I wouldn't try it. It's not impossible, but it's pretty damn close.


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