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I am flying in on southwest and leaving an hour later on delta. Do I need to check in and go through tsa again? Or can I stay in the airport and go directly to my gate?
You will have to claim your bags, take them to Delta, re-check them and go through security. You don't realistically have enough time. Without checked bags you still have to go through security again, but maybe you might have a chance if everything goes perfectly.
I am flying in to LAX from HNL on a Delta fligh tin july and landing at 6:25 and taking off from a Southwest flight at 8:10. Will this be enough time to get my bags from check and recheck them for the southwest flight?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am traveling on Delta airlines from Dallas to LAX into terminal 6 and leaving Delta LAX to HNL at terminal 5 with only an hour layover. Will we need to go through TSA again or can we go straight to the gate?
You can go straight to your gate.
I am arriving to LAX via southwest at 8:45 am. I am then flying using American airlines from LAX to Hawaii that departs at 10:50 am. We are checking bags. Do we have enough time to claim our bags from southwest and then re-check them at American airlines? If so, what is the best way to save time doing this so that we don't miss our flight to Hawaii?
That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly. You will have to carry your bags all the way from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4. All you can do is hope your first flight is on-time and hurry once you get your bags.
Hi there, hoping someone can help... I'm flying from JFK to Sydney in a couple of weeks and my travel agent has me connecting through LAX (Delta flights).

On my itinerary, it looks like I'm on flight DL41 for both legs and that there is a 1 hour stop in LAX on the way through. However, on my eticket it looks like I'm on separate flights (first on DL475 from JFK-LAX and then on DL41 from LAX-SYD). DL475 arrives at LAX (Terminal 5) at 9:50pm. DL41 departs from LAX at 10:50pm.

Will this give me enough time to make my connecting flight to Sydney? It's only an hour, but I'm not sure if it's a refuel or if the agent has booked two separate legs.

I'm an Australian passpory holder. If anyone could give me some advice, it would be much appreciated!!

Many thanks,

Yes, that is enough time. All you have to do in LAX is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. There is no US Immigration when leaving the US.
I'm arriving at LAX on Hawaiian Airlines at 5:00am on July 1st and have a flight on Delta to LAS that departs at 7:15am. I will have to get a bag at baggage claim and check it in for the Delta flight. What is the fastest way to navigate this?
The fastest way is to just claim your bags and run to your departure terminal. You will arrive in Terminal 5 and depart from Terminal 2 or 3.
I'm flying from Minneapolis to San Jose Del Cabo, Via LAX. My flight to LAX arrives at 8:35 to Terminal 5 and the flight leaves LAX at 9:55 from Terminal 4, I have a bag I need to check, can I check it all the way from MSP to SJD so that I won't have to clear security in LAX?
Many thanks
What airlines are you flying?
American to Lax
Delta to SJD
Thank you for your help.
Then no, you can't check your bag all the way through, you will have to claim it from Delta and re-check it with American. Also if you are traveling after May 15, you will actually arrive in Terminal 2 or 3, not 5. This will be nearly impossible with a checked bag. I highly recommend not checking a bag to have some sliver of hope of making this if you have already booked it.
Flying tomorrow and will have to run my chances with checked bag... I'm on the last leg of a 5 week trip. Thank you so much for your help.
Ill be arriving at LAX from OKC with American Airlines at 415pm on the 26th to connect to a separate Norwegian airlines flight that departs at 645pm. It will be a walk from term5 probably to the norwegian ticket counter to get my ticket. Is 2.5 hrs enough time to get my ticket and through security and grab a quick bite to eat before I have to board the plane? How will i know where to go when I arrive from OKC?
Yes, that should be enough time to make your connection but not enough time to eat. When you arrive in LAX you will take the shuttle from the American Eagle Remote Terminal to Terminal 5, claim your bags, then walk to the International Terminal, which will be out the door and to the left along the curbfront.
Thank you, i won't have any bags to claim so it will pretty much be straight to the international terminal to check in and through security and find the norwegian gate
I do have 2 separate tickets. The first one is coming from Guadalajara Mexico. Arriving LAX at 9:20am thorough Volaris(T2) and my next flight is scheduled to 11:30 am at TBIT air china. As long as I know Air China doesn't provide the mobile or online check-in service. So I just have 2 hrs including the checkin thing..
I have checked luggage as well. Will this be too tight ...?
That sill be very very difficult. I don't recommend it. Although some good news is that if you're traveling after May 17, then your Volaris flight will arrive in the TBIT.
SFO-LAX-Cancun - no checked bags, just a carry on. Can we make our connection?

Thank you!
Oh gosh - forgot to say that connect time is 53 minutes!

What airline?
American for both legs
Then that should be fine. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in LAX on the way to Cancun.
That's reassuring. You think I could make it from term 2 to term 5 scenario?
No. Also, American doesn't use terminal 2. So you're proposing connecting from Delta to American?
Oh no, just imagining a difficult scenario. Thanks so much - we're going to go for it!