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I have a Virgin Australia flight arriving at LAX at 9am with a connecting flight to JFK with Delta at 11.15am. It is one ticket. How long is the usual immigration wait time and will I have enough time to change terminals? I have a AUS Passport.
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly. Yes, you will arrive in the International Terminal and depart from Terminal 2 or 3.
Hello. I am a non-rev passenger flying into Gate 32A at 7:15 a.m. and departing from Gate 21 at 7:55 a.m. Because I'm not a "real" passenger I won't get any assistance in making that connection. Will I make it??
Not unless the first flight arrives quite early. Delta does run a shuttle inside security between T2 and T3 that you can use.
Hi, I'm travelling from Sydney Australia on a Qantas flight, landing in LAX. To get to Toronto, I then have the choice of either a 2:15 layover with an American Airlines connection or a 6hr layover with a Westjet connection. It would all be on one booking.

Is the 2hr 15min layover enough time to comfortably make my flight?
If it's two separate reservations I'd be nervous about the 2:15 connection. If it were a single reservation I would feel better about it.
It would all be one reservation, booked through Qantas.
I am looking at booking a flight from MCI to LAX that arrives at 8:45 pm and will need to make a connection to a EVA airlines flight to Taipei at 11:30 pm. I will have one bag to check in. Is there enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Would a flight at 11:05 pm be too tight?
Flying into LAX on Christmas morning. Have to get thru TBIT security, Delta/Korean Air is only leaving us an hour for connection. Bags will be checked thru Delta/Korean Air. Is this enough time?
Delta runs a shuttle bus inside security from their terminals to the International Terminal. So if your first flight is on-time you can use that shuttle bus and make your connection.
I fly from Dallas to LAX, and I'll have 3 h 45 mins layover. And then connection to international fly from LAX to Taipei. Does airport recheck my check-in baggage when I connect to international terminal?
What airlines are you flying? Is it one reservation or two separate reservations?
I am flying in from Tokyo at 11AM to Tom Bradley International Terminal. How much time should I allow to get my luggage go through customs and then walk or shuttle to Terminal One Southwest Airlines without having to worry about time. Is three hours enough time.
I'd want at least 3 hours
I am flying in from Tokyo to LAX/ Tom Bradley International Terminal at 11AM how long should it take to get my luggage past through customs and walk to Terminal One (Southwest Terminal)' How much time should I allocate so I don't have to be pressured for time. Thanks for your help. This is a great forum.
I'd want at least 3 hours.
Hello and thanks in advance:
I am flying SWA to LAX domestically. I'm then flying out on an international flight to Australia on Delta.
Same thing in reverse on the way back.
Delta International flights leave 10:30pm, and arrive back in USA at 7:45am.
How much time should I allow on the ground at LAX to get to the international terminal (Delta) from wherever the SWA flights land?
allowing for customs, and not rushing.
- Thanks,
You need to arrive at LAX before 8 PM and you need to depart LAX after 11 AM. Southwest uses Terminal 1. Delta uses Terminals 2, 3, and the International Terminal.
Thank you! Perfect.
I am arriving on a delta flight to lax at 545 am terminal 3 and connecting to a delta flight from lax at terminal 2 at 645 am - this is a flight I booked through delta - do I have enough time and what are the logistics thx