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We're flying on Air NZ from AKL, then must catch a cross country flight to DC. The scheduled arrival from AKL is 12:35 pm. I have a choice to book a connecting flight departing around 2:20 pm, or having to wait until 10:30 pm, which means a significant amount of time to kill in LAX. If the AKL flight does indeed land at 12:35 then I don't think that's enough time to clear customs, and make the 2:20 flight. However, I am seeing some posts that the AKL flight actually lands much earlier. Anyone else have experience on that flight?
What airline are you flying to DC? Is it two separate reservations or a single reservation?
I have not yet made the rez, but most likely will be American. So there will be separate tickets involved.
United has more options from LAX to IAD and you can earn Air New Zealand miles flying them.
Thank you. I've compared schedules from all the major airlines (including SWA) and AA's is best for our situation. Worst case scenario is I get to spend 10 hours exploring LAX, and fly the red-eye non-stop. :~) So I presume having only two hours to get through immigration/customs is really not sufficient, right? Does having Global Entry approval help?
Global Entry does help and may make 2 hours feasible, but you'd still have little time to spare.
Thank you so much for your help. I am glad I found this web site!
American Airlines flight arrives 1pm, terminal 4. Air Tahiti flight takes off 4 pm, Tom Bradley terminal. Not same ticket. I have read you must check in 60 min or more before takeoff. Do we have time to the ticket counter and go through security after getting our luggage from American baggage claim? Also, will American check my baggage through to the Air Tahiti flight?
Yes, that should be plenty of time. Assuming the American flight is on-time you should have your bags by 1:45 and be at the Air Tahiti Nui check-in desk by 2. American will not check your bags through to Air Tahiti Nui because it's two separate reservations.
I have a connecting flight in LAX. I will arrive from Maui HI, layover 1h10 in LAX, and then fly to Montreal Canada.
I will arrive at Terminal 7 and have to go to Terminal 2.
My reservation is made with Air Canada (first flight is operated by United Airlines and second flight by Air Canada) All on the same reservation..
Do I have to pick my registered bagage or it will be automatically tranferred?
And what is the best route? Thanks
Forgot to ask if we will have enough time with a 1:10 layover
You do not have to do anything with your bags. Just walk straight across the parking garages from T7 to T2 and go through security. You should have enough time if the flight from Maui is on-time.
We arrive on AeroMexico, Term 2 at 12:00 noon and depart Southwest, Terminal 1 at 3:30. I know we have to collect luggage & go through customs. Is it easy to then walk to Term 1 and do we have enough time?
Yes, it is an easy walk. Yes, you should have enough time.
best route
Walk outside.
Our flight was changed and I have just under 2 hours to get from terminal 7 to Fiji air. I understand I have to get baggage etc. Will this be enough time and what is the best process to this, shuttle or tunnels?
You can't bring your checked baggage through the tunnels, so the best way to go is to run along the curbfront.
We will be flying nonstop on Alaska Airlines from SJO-LAX with carry-on bags. Our flight arrives LAX at 9:35pm. Will we be able to clear customs and make a 10:15pm flight on Southwest to OAK?
That is completely impossible.
I am flying in by Qantas 747 to arrive at 0600hrs. AA have just informed me my later flight to LAS has been brought forward to 0810hrs. Given the new Airside link, what is the procedure. I am a Gold Qantas flyer so should have acces to priority security?
You will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then you can go through the new security checkpoint in the connector building and walk to your departure gate, which may be in Terminal 4 or 6.
Great, so I don't have to drag my bags with me. So that means I stay airside?
No, you will technically not be airside after you clear customs.
Hi everyone! It's a long story but I wound up with this train wreck of a flight plan due to foreign tour companies booking flights and booking flights home before booking flights out. It will all sound crazy but please bear with me.

Next month, I arrive at LAX from Beijing at 11:00 AM on a Friday (the tour company changed the flight to land later than originally scheduled). On the same day, I am jumping on another flight out to Europe at 01:45 PM (I previously had a longer layover before the tour company changed that first flight).

I am able to check in for my Europe flight online and have access to my boarding pass but I will have checked baggage and they are completely separate airlines.

My questions that follow - Is this a reasonable amount of time (2h45m) to literally turn around in the airport and make my Europe flight? There are a few later flights but I am hesitant to pay a change fee right now. On average, how long does it take to clear Customs/Immigrations and collect your baggage?

Thank you so much!
It's possible, especially if the Europe flight also departs from the International Terminal.
I am flying from via Alaska SEA to LAX which arrives at 9:40pm in Terminal 6 then flying to Tahiti via Air Tahiti at 11:40pm at the international terminal. I don't plan on checking in luggage. Is a 2 hour layover long enough? Will we need to go through security again? We booked our ticket through Expedia.
You likely won't be able to get your Air Tahiti Nui boarding passes until you get to LAX. So you'll have to run to the Air Tahiti Nui ticket counter in the International Terminal and then go through security.
Thanks for your response, if we have to go back through security will two hours be enough time?
Yes, it should be just enough time.