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Do United flights to Mexico leave from TBIT or Terminal 7/8? If I arrive on SW with 1 checked bag how long should I allow to make this connection to UA flight leaving at 1:10pm in early Dec
All United departures are from Terminals 7 and 8. I would want at least 2.5 hours between flights.
We are traveling on an AA flight arriving remote terminal 6 and will be flying China Southern to Guangzhou. If we only have carry on bags will we be able to connect inside security to the international terminal or will we need to go out of the security area and rescreen at the international terminal?
Yes, you can go directly to your departure gate via the shuttle from the remote terminal and then the underground walkways and connector building. However, if you can't check in online for your China Southern flight you will have to get it from your departure gate.
best way to get from delta terminal 5 to Tom Bradley Singapore terminal 2
Singapore uses the International Terminal, not Terminal 2. The fastest way is to walk.
Hello! I will be arriving from Haneda at 1900 in TBIT via Japan Airlines and have a separate reservation for a flight to ABQ, NM at 2050 via Southwest with carry-on only/no checked bags. Is this sufficient time for customs/security/walking to terminal 1? Thanks in advance! :)
With no checked bags you have a chance if you check in for your Southwest flight before you leave Japan, but it will still be difficult.
Hi!! I was extremely worried after your reply, but made it with time to spare! Here is my experience for other readers that are curious:
I forgot to add that I have global entry and TSA pre-check. Global entry was a breeze - I was able to pass customs in less than 30 minutes. Walking from TBIT to 3 to 2 to 1 was definitely a hassle and time consuming with no shuttles going the opposite way. Southwest check in was fairly quick. So from TBIT at 1900 through customs and waking to terminal 1, I was able to do that in about an hour. However security was horrible with no organization at 2000 on a Sunday night. I made it to my gate with about 15 mins to spare even with the security nightmare. Thanks again for your advice & help!
We are flying in to LAX on Southwest in Terminal 1 at 7:55 am and leave LAX for HNL on Hawaiian Airlines (Terminal 2) at 10 am. If we check 1 luggage on Southwest, would we have enough time to claim our bag in baggage claim and still make it on time to our flight in Terminal 2 that leaves at 10 am?
That would be barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We have a 1.5 hour layover, landing Terminal 7 on United from SFO (937) and departing International B on Singapore Air (11). We are not checking bags. Is it true that the T-4 connector to international terminal is now open and thus we should time to walk and make this connection? Do we need to re-process through security? Thanks!
Yes, you can now walk from T7 to T6 and then through a tunnel to T5 and T4, and then through the connector from T4 to the TBIT all inside security.
We will be flying out of terminal 6 to the Compass Airline gate. We understand that we will need to take a shuttle from terminal 6 to the actual gate. My question is do,we go right to the bus stop after going through TSA, or do we wait in terminal 6 to be called to the shuttle bus stop? Does the bus take us to another terminal waiting area or right to the gate? And, how much extra time do we need to leave for this bus ride? Thank you.
You go right to the shuttle and get on it. Where the bus takes you has its own waiting area for the plane.
Thank you.
So company setup our flight from PHL to HNL with a 40 minute stop over in LAX, we arrive in terminal 6 at 7:04, depart Terminal 4 at 7:45, assuming there's no delays, are we going to have time to make it? And what's the best way to get from 6 to 4? Any advice appreciated...
The best way is through the pedestrian tunnel. AA Staff there should be able to show you it. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Flying AA from Auckland arriving LAX 6:30am, connecting on AA flight to Austin, TX departing 8:30am. Is 2 hour connection before flight departs LAX to Austin sufficient to collect bags, clear customs, go through security and re-board?
Yes, that should be just enough time. Also the airport code for Auckland is AKL. AUK is Alakanuk, Alaska.
I will fly inbound on Asiana to TBIT and then outbound from T7 or T8 on UA. Wonder whether there is a luggage re-check in counter in TBIT after I clear the custom? it will be a big trouble to take four check-in and one toddler to walk that long. even shuttle bus will be a hassle. thanks.
Yes, if your bags are tagged through to your final destination you can re-check your bags at the re-check desk after customs in the TBIT.
Thanks a lot!